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Saturday, March 25, 2006


Friday nights are declared "Family Fun Nights" in our house. This means the family does something together like play a game, a craft, or watch a movie. Then the children all sleep out in the family room in sleeping bags for a "Family Sleepover".

Being that our 5 yo will be turning 6 this week we let her plan our night last night. She picked "The Sound of Music" as the movie to watch and requested that I sleep with her... in her sleeping bag.. on the hard floor :o).

The movie was wonderful (It is truly the BEST movie of all time). One by one the little sweeties nodded off. I grabbed my pillow and tried to make myself cozy on the sleeping bag.

Am I the only one who thinks in their mind that they are eternally 18? I am always surprised when things like this reveal to me that I am so NOT. Sleeping on the floor used to be fun, but well... now it just hurts! Oh, that makes me feel old. Like when I look at the new fangled roller coasters that I used to think would be fun but now I just think "Ouch! That looks painful!". However, I digress!

Sometime in the night one of the 3 yos joins me in my sleeping bag and tosses and turns. He is not apprecating the lack of coziness (Did I mention the floor is hard?) so he decides to use me as a mattress.

Then all of a sudden I feel something on me and chewing on my face and I let out a scream... My 11 yo jumps off the couch (he has been sleeping on) and wrestles the beast off of me..

O.K., so it wasn't a beast it was our puppy and he wasn't chewing on my face but he was licking it.

Ferocious Beast Devouring 11 yo ds

You see I was dreaming of wild animals in Africa. A gentleman on the AAI list posted a story that tickled me to no end about a visit they had at a Wild Game Park while in Ethiopia. They were eating their breakfast and his wife left to use the restroom and a baboon came in and took her place at the table and started eating her food. They beat the baboon off with the Lonely Planet Gude to Ethiopia and Eritrea (which I am currently reading). Is this not the funniest thing?

O.K.,I may be out of my mind but what I do know is that my little screaming incident was the talk of the breakfast table. My dear sweet children thought it was hysterical.......Not quite the memory I was going for!


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes. Yes, that is the best movie of all time, yes, that story is hysterical (the Lonely Planet part gets me), and yes, it is going to be remembered forever that you are the screaming mom of Friday Fun Nights. :-)

Sounds terrific.


Shellie said...

Sorry, I previewed and then forgot to sign my post again! Ack.