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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


We start our mornings off hopping. Baby to change, kiddies to dress, breakfast to make, laundry to start, bread to bake and of course the all important homeschool thing. Today amidst the buzzing the doorbell rang...

The ringing of the door bell always has an odd effect on our household. Everything stops and becomes eerily silent as the inhabitants expectantly head towards the door. I don't know who my children think is going to be on the other side...but they act as if it COULD be Ed McMahon with the million dollar prize. Of course, they are too young to even know of Ed Mc Mahon....and I suspect they are hoping it is their best friends the B Family who lives around the bend.

Today however it was none other than the good ole USPS with my dd and my passports! Yippee!!! Since I have talked so poorly of the Immigration Branch of our government let me just cheer the Passport Agency. We have our passports exactly one week and one day from when we applied. Of course, we paid the expedited charges but STILL this is very impressive indeed.

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