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Thursday, March 23, 2006

He's An On-Time God~

Well, today was supposed to (once again) be our court date but it appears that the third time was not the charm for us. We are rescheduled for Court on April 3rd (we covet your prayers!). This has pushed our travel date back another week.

I won't lie, I cried when I got the e-mail. Then I swept the already swept floor and when I thought I had my composure I called dh at work. As soon as I heard my sweet hubby's voice I started crying again.

He is so wonderful. He called our wonderful agency for the details and our travel agent to reschedule our flight plans. He takes such good care of me. He is truly a blessing from the Lord.

It was such a gray and drizzly day and it was so tempting to just wallow in self-pity... but the Holy Spirit was speaking to me in that still small voice (actually singing) "Count your blessings name them one by one. Count your blessings and see what the Lord has done".

So Here are my blessings from today....

Our 1 yo.. Is this a face to smooch or what? My little Ham-Bone!

Our 3 yo strutting to the Wiggles..He is the cutest thing as he dances with the Wiggles. It will bring a smile to the weariest of hearts!

Our 3 yo helping me make Burritos for dinner. He informed me very matter of factly that burritos start with B just like banannas! O.K., who is homeschooling him behind my back?

Our sweet 5 yo and 7 yo whose smiles and giggles are infectious. They are always looking for ways to bless those around them. Their servant hearts bless me so!

Our 10 yo who made Dabo Kolos (an Ethiopian snack) as a treat for her brothers..

Our 11 yo who is an awesome big brother.. He is the little boys' hero!

I will be blunt honest. I am not one of those wonderful homeschool Moms who rises before daybreak to have my quiet time. We always have a little one in our bed in the wee hours of the morning.. it can be any combination of the 3 yos and 1 yo and sometimes it is all three. They have an amazing capability of being deep in sleep until I get out of the bed and then they pop up raring to go. I wish I did have that hour of uninterrupted time before I start my day . One day I know I will-it's just not my season for that. God says in Isaiah he leads gently those with young. Isn't that beautiful? My best prayer time with the Lord seems to happen while I am working out in the evenings. Tonight as I was laying on the floor in pain I asked God why the delay ( Isn't it awesome that our God is so kind and loving and big He doesn't mind our asking why).. He brought to my remembrance the story fo Lazarus. For all appearances Jesus was too late.. Lazarus had died. God's ways aren't our ways. God used that event to restore Lazarus to life and the glory was all God's.

When our wee baby boy comes home it will give God all the glory. It won't be because of our wonderful agency, or the Ethiopian government, or because my dh or I did something... It will be because adoption is a miracle. God is at work and without Him and His power, love, and grace it would not happen.

God is a good God and He is wroking this out in ways we can not foresee. It's wonderful to be able to lean on Him and trust in His perfect wisdom and perfect timing...

"He's an on-time God , Oh yes He is."
"He's an on-time God , Oh yes He is."
"He may not come when we want Him but He'll be there right on-time."
"He's an on-time God, Oh yes He is."


Linda said...

thank you for sharing your blessings (they are adorable!). My children and I have been praying for your newest little guy daily. I just found your blog today and have really enjoyed reading about your family and your journey. We have five children, four through the miracle of adoption.

Just wanted to say that your post was a blessing to to me today!


Dawn said...

Thank you for reminding me about God's good timing. I can be very impatient myself. and thank you for reminding me to be THANKFUL and JOYFUL! I look forward to reading about your soon to be journey to Ethiopia. ;-)

Joyce said...

Hi Renee,

I read your blog after you posted on SL forums sometime last week. Just today I was wondering how your plans were coming. Found you again thru the blog anyone? post. Sorry you are delayed again.

Now I'll bookmark you so I can keep up.

I wanted to adopt but dh said no. Didn't know about Ethiopian adoptions so you caught my eye.

Saved by Grace said...

Thanks for sharing this!
You brought a tear to my eye and reminded me to PRAISE HIM for the blessings we haven't seen yet. His ways are above our ways, and I just thank Him and praise Him for that.