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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Homecoming (Part 2)

We left the airport on the Hotel Shuttle driven by a very nice man named Juan.

Our 3 yo (then 2)sat with dh and kept glancing at him and giving him shy smiles. He was very taken with dh. While he is definitely Mama's Boy he and his Daddy have a very special bond.

Our 1 yo was snuggled comfortably in my sling. He is so cute! I was just a talkin' to him.. As we neared our hotel we passed by the Target (My favorite store :o) I said, "Look! that's a Target! We spend lots of time at Target.. Can you say Target?" and you know what he did he said "Tar-get!" and then he said, "Tar-get, Tar-get, Target!" Dh and I looked at him in awe and then we looked at each other. Dh finally said, "Do you think you could've taught him a better word for his first American word?" I thought for a moment and couldn't come up with one and said, "Like what?" and he said, " Like Mama or Daddy!" "Oh, I said.. I guess you have a point!

We made our way to our room where we set the boys down on the floor for a moment. Immediately they headed towards the large closet doors which were fully mirrored. They were mesmerized and entranced by their reflections. It was most likely the first time they had seen themsleves.

The first order of business was a bath. I took our 3 yo (who was then 2) and gently undressed him. Poor baby had the worst diaper rash I had ever seen in my life. I just wept as I looked at his skin raw and bleeding and literally coming off with every wipe.

I then set him in the bathtub. It was his first bath and he was none too sure about it. I gave him two plastic cups and showed him how to pour water into each one and he loved it. He spent the remainder of the time doing that as I washed his little body.

Meanwhile dh was in charge of the 1 yo. I can hear a lot of laughing and commotion and I peek out to see the 1 yo crawling at the speed of lightning to the lamp cors to the trash can to anything he can grab. He is giggling all the while and dh is hurriedly trying to babyproof the area. Finally I hear dh exclaim, "DUDE, You are crackalackin'!" (a phrase from the movie Madagascar).

I finished up bathing our 3 yo and dh took him to the kitchen for a snack.

Our 1 yo had a completely different reaction to his bath. He loved it and laughed and giggled the whole way through. He kept dunking his head under the water and I was holding on to him for his dear little life. It was obvious that he is a firecracker and a daredevil.

As I was trying to dry his wiggly little self off dh returned with our 3 yo.. He said with a mixture of awe and concern that he had never seen anyone eat so fast in his enitre life. That is saying something as dh is known in our circles as "The Fastest Eater In the South!".

The boys were clean and dressed so we gave them some medicine (they had horrible colds and fevers) fixed them bottles of milk (with sugar as the Nuns do at KM) and I held both of them and they guzzled thier bottles and quickly went to sleep in my arms. It was absolutely heavenly.


Kris said...

I found your blog via a link on your post at the Sonlight forum. I was moved to tears by your homecoming stories. It's hard to tell who has received the greater blessing... you or your children. I've bookmarked your blog and will be back.

wisekathy said...

Renee, I am so touched. What a blessed move of God in your family. The anointing of God is so eveidently upon your family to adopt. Thank you for sharing. The pictures, the writing....wonderful.