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Friday, March 03, 2006

What's In the Mail Today?

When you are in the adoption process mail takes on a completely different meaning. There is the all imortant e-mails from your agency and checking e-mail obsessively (umm where's my knitting?) I mean frequently becomes a regular part of your day.

Some things can't come by e-mail and that is where the USPS comes into play. Over the years I have developed a fondness for our mailman. He is the one who delivered our bio dc's birth certificates. He would kindly admire my new babe as I tried sign the certified mail receipt.

With our adoptions though he has become more like my OB. The news he brings me that day gives me a snapshot of where we are in the process. He brings the Homestudy, the Applications, the USCIS approvals, the referral information and medicals on our babies, the first video we see of our child (O.K. now I am welling up~who says Adoptive Moms aren't HORMONAL?). It gives me great joy to see his Burgandy Mini-Van at our box.

Outgoing mail is eqaully important. The Post Office and your Notary become regular stops in your adoption journey.

Today I have outgoing mail. I am packing up our wee little boy's travel bag to send to Ethiopia. Our court date is sent for Friday March 10th. We are getting closer!

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Robin's Reports said...

I'm so very excited that it won't be long!!

Are you going to pack something a little red, white & blue?

Auntie Robin