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Monday, April 10, 2006

Baby Wearing ~

Last week I received my new sling! It's a Maya Wrap adjustable pouch. I bought it from Amy at BirthBlessed.com and she was awesome!

I am so excited about our newest sling. I plan on taking it to Ethiopia and it will be perfect if my dd should need to carry the baby too.

I discovered slings shortly after I had our third baby. I went to a Pampered Chef Party and there was a Mom of many there who had her little babe in one. She held him, nursed, and put the little one to sleep and in her sling all the while socializing with the rest of us. I was in awe and by the end of the evening I was sold.

I went out and bought a NoJo sling. While I loved the sling the padding was bulky and I found it hard to adjust. I literally wore that sling out and by the time I had our 5th baby I needed a new sling and once again purchased a NoJo.

While in the adoption process I leanred that the baby carrying business was booming and looked at all the options out there. The pouch is what suits me best. I don't care for the extra padding and fabric of a "Ring Sling".

I have a beautiful toile HotSlings sling that I used on our trip to pick up our boys. Our 1 yo spent the whole weekend in it and many an hour since coming home. He loves the sling and I have found it to be the best attachment tool. I quickly found that wearing him often made him feel secure and kept him calm. It filled his love tank so to speak. I can't recommend wearing your baby enough to parents especially adoptive parents!

The girls and I made little dolly slings for them..

And look who else likes to wear his baby!

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Amie said...

We are babywearers at our house too, tons of fun!

I just came across your blog, you have a beautiful family.

We are about to complete our homestudy and hope to grow our family though adoption, from the foster care system though.

It is so helpful to see the journeys that others have taken.

Blessings, Amie