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Sunday, April 09, 2006


I have been Missing In Action! I have been Mama to 11 (ages eleven and under) this weekend! Our dear (and very spontaneous) friends decided to go away for thier 15 year anniversary and they left their 4 precious children (and a big yellow labrador) with us. We snapped this picture on the way to Church. Aren't they all precious?

We had a great time! Busy, busy, busy but fun, fun, fun! The highlight for me was when dh and I took them all out for pizza and to the grocery store. The reaction of people was priceless. I giggled the whole time.

I think the highlight for the kiddies was the ice cream cake we made (it was a recipe on the Duggar special) .
They are a great group of kiddies. We were blessed to have 11 under our roof. Lots of laughter, lovin' and eatin'. Children truly are a blessing from the Lord! Hmmm.. perhaps 8 won't be enough ;o)

Hopefully we'll have good news from Court this week!


Marsha said...

thats a lot of children. I have five children. Last summer we watched my sisters four children for a couple of days. It was fun going to the store with nine children in tow from the ages of 18 to 5. We did the Brady bunch thing on the escalator a couple of times just to see what other people would do. It was fun.

Ruth said...

Wow, what a fun time with so many young kids!! I have four and love taking other peoples kids too!! Today I will be having 7...

Robin's Reports said...

I love the picture. Also, we prayed for your court date tomorrow! Let me know how it went.