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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Psalm 118:24~

This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. (KJV)

We had such a lovely day yesterday! It is another "Birthday Weekend" for our family. Our ds is turning 4 and we are celebrating our 1 yo ds' birthday as he will turn 2 next weekend when we will be on a plane bound for Ethiopia!~ :o)

So yesterday we headed to the zoo! Four year old Birthday Boy is crazy for giraffes. He even has an imaginary pet giraffe (it's too cute). He was so very excited to see the giraffes. We were so surpirsed when we got to the giraffes that they were hanging out right next to the overlook. Usually they are far off. As we approached the railing one of the giraffes bent over and licked the Birthday Boy's hand!!! It was so amazing! He was thrilled and talked all day how the giraffe "kissed" him. Isn't God good to have a giraffe bless my little B'day boy that way?

Other memorable moments were when a school field trip class was passing and the teacher/chaperone grabbed my 6 yo dd and put her in the line fussing at her for getting out of line :o/ I grabbed her back and said (sweetly of course), "Excuse me, but she's mine." So she tunred around and grabbed the B'day Boy "I said he's mine too!" I can tell you we laughed all the day about that. The kids couldn't wait to tell Daddy about it.

We also rode the carousel! It was our Ethiopian boys' first time. Our 1 yo was so excited as we strapped him on his eagle (they aren't horses at our zoo they are all different kinds of animals). Our 3 yo started to cry as I strapped him on his rhino. 11 yo ds was holding onto 1 yo so I talked to 3 yo and he calmed down all while he is squeezing onto my neck frantically. The ride started and 3 yo LOVED it he was laughing and enjoying the ride and then 1 yo lost it. Poor baby! Ds and I switched places and I ended up unstrapping 1 yo and holding him which made him happy :o)

Funniest comment was when 3 yo looks excitedly up ahead and says, "Look Mama there's some cannibals!" Anyone want to guess what animal he saw?

The kids were commenting on how it was the best day we had ever had at the zoo. They concluded that it was because it was the first time we had been to the zoo since our boys had come home and it was much more fun with them :o)


Shana said...

Great pictures!

We went to the zoo also yesterday! And we also rode the carousel, which also has an assortment of animals. My daughter chose a large rabbit, and all day she talked about how she "rode the easter bunny". :)

Ruth said...

We don't make it to the zoo often. I didn't know they were showing cannibals too now!! Just kidding, sounds like you guys had a great day.

owlhaven said...

Great pictures!

May, mom to many