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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blessings or Burdens?

"The Bible calls debt a curse and children a blessing.
But in our culture we apply for a curse and reject blessings.
Something is wrong with this picture"
Doug Phillips

Today Brianna has a great post on her Blog about children and how the Bible says we are to view them.. http://heldts.blogspot.com./ (sorry I don't know to do that cool link thing. If I did it would say "Brianna's Blog" and take you right there :o).

It reminded me of my favorite thing about Ethiopia. Ethiopians LOVE children. They cherish them and love them and make kissy noises to them and talk to them REALLY talk to them.

I began to notice this on the flight over to Ethiopia. We flew Ethiopian Airlines and I would say 98% of the passengers were Ethiopian. There were quite a few children on the flight. On a 16 hour flight even grown people can get out of sorts and understandably some of the little ones on the plane had "moments". What I found fascinating was none of the other passengers were the least bit bothered by this. They instead went out of their way to help the Mother or give her a word of encouragement. Complete strangers would take the little one and interact with them in a way to make the little one happy again. It was so sweet!

Then while we were in Ethiopia I was touched deeply by the love my children were shown by Ethiopians. So many people would engage our baby and give him kissies. They would speak with our 10 yo dd and were really interested in her and her life.

This wasn't just women but men, "important business men", would do this too!

The most amazing thing happened at the airport as we prepared to leave the country. We had to wait in many long lines (these were serious lines, made the lines at Disney look like well, child's play ;o) .. security, than Airline ticketing, then Immigration, them more security, then boarding the plane... what happened in EVERY line floored me... they would see me with a baby and a child and they would put me to the front of each long line. It was so touching! Finally as we prepared to board the plane I was hanging back not wanting to ruffle any feathers as surely these people had to be tired of me being thrust in front of them when several people sought me ought and pushed me to the front of the line.. "You have baby, you have child, you go first." So sweet, so touching.

I learned so much from the dear Ethiopian people and their love for God's little blessings.


MP2 said...

Beautiful - I love posts about loving and honoring children. Thank you.

Ruth said...

This is so nice and a real eye opener to our lives here!!

Robin's Reports said...

Your post has me in tears. It's been one of those days but also, I deeply desire for America to see children this same way. We are throwing away our next generations, yet Ethiopia has so much devistation and they *want* the next generation to survive.

Sophie said...

I have been struck by that same thing every time I've been to Ethiopia. We definitely need to learn that lesson here in America, where our next generation of leaders is being raised on video games and junk food....scary! I can't wait to hear more about your time in Africa!

Lori said...

thankyou for sharing with us how other cultures view children.What respect they have for Gods blessings

Laura said...

It's true - we had dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant this week and brought our son. The waitress (who we can so easily count amongst our friends today) held him and talked sweet to him. We told her a bit of his story and how he was orphaned. She got teary eyed and looked right at me and said "Thank you." They truly love and value their children and are as happy to see the children of their country doing well as much as I am sure they are to see their own children doing well. We could all learn something about how such an impoverished place can still maintain such a thankfulness, grace, dignity and warm spirit about them.