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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Journey To Baby Boy ~(Day 1)

It has taken me too long to write about our trip!

Day 1~

This was the day we were to begin our long journey to Ethiopia to pick up our baby. It did not start out quite the way I had planned. I awoke with a fever and a very sore throat. Our 3 yo was recovering from Strep and I knew I now had it too. In the way only God can work, our Dr. had mysteriously given us mega amounts of Augmentin for our trip. Thank you Lord! I started on those and the 9 of us headed to the airport.

As we said good-bye to my dh and the kiddies I started to tear up, but thankfully, the kiddies didn't shed a tear. That would have been so hard! The plan was for us to go from our little city to Atlanta (Delta is our major air carrier here and we always have to go through Atlanta. There is a joke around here that after you die you go straight to Atlanta before you head to your final eternal destnation) to Dulles in DC to Rome for refueling to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We had a 2 hour layover in Atlanta followed by a 4 hour layover in DC (where I was to meet my sweet little neice for the first time). Sounds like a good plan , doesn't it?

WELL>>>>>> things don't always go the way they are planned!

The plane we were to take to Atlanta had to turn around half-way to our town due to a problem with the plane. Our flight was delayed for 2 hours. This was big for our little airport and the poor Delta woman's hands were shaking as she had to redo connections for over a hundred people. Everyone settled in for a wait. My dd eagerly dove into her new book. I tried to read but was too keyed up. Instead I listened in on the conversations of a group of older Southern couples headed to DC for some sight-seeing. The men were discussing how they could have driven faster than the planes were going to get us there and the ladies were talking recipes for pecan praline and divinity. I was getting homesick and we hadn't even left the airport.

Suddenly, someone noticed they had switched the time for our plane to arrive an hour later than before. This causes more mad scrambling as people try and redo their connections. The Delta people have had it at this point and say we can redo our connections, if we miss them, in Atlanta.

Finally, the plane rolls in a a loud cheer erupts from the waiting passengers. There is great relief on the Delta Employees' faces. We board the plane and are off.

As we descend into Atlanta I notice we are really going to have to move to make our connecting flight. Upon landing I see we have 11 minutes to get to the B concourse form the A. I tell my dd to forget any manners I have ever taught her and that we are going to RUN. We do , we tore through that airport caught the train to the terminal, and made it to the gate in 9 minutes. Just as we approach the gate they SHUT THE DOOR on us and a little Korean lady trying to make the same flight. I go to two other Delta counters and BEG them to get us on that plane but it is in vain.

They send us to the Delta "rejects" counter for a new connection. Looking at the flights and my watch I realize we are now in danger of missing our flight to Ethiopia. A very kind Delta lady gives us info on a new connection and tells me to pick up the "Courtesy Phone" and ask the person on the other end to book and check us in. I pick up the phone and give the lady the info and she starts yelling at me for mising our flight. I would love to say I was calm and collected but at this point I just started to cry. This alarmed the Delta people greatly and they gave us free vouchers for food.

I call my dh and tell him to cancel our Delta Fly Miles Credit Cards (Just Kidding) I ask him to pray that we make our flight. I don't know what we'll do if we miss it. They only Fly to Addis every other day and the flights are always full.

We finally arrive in Dulles and to my surprise we are met by my MIL, SIL and brand new neice! I had told dh that they shouldn't come as we won't be able to see them. They were there with food and took us right to where we needed to go. This was a huge blessing and we would have missed our flight without their help.

We waited in the amazingly long Ethiopian Air line

and went through security to board our plane.

Finally, I felt like I could breathe again. We really were going to get our Baby Boy!!


Shana said...

Wonderful story, Renee. I can't wait to read more about your travels. You had me in tears by the end. I can just imagine the relief you must have felt in seeing a familiar face at the airport.

Dawn said...

Thanks Renee, I have been wating to hear your story.I am sorry you had such fun trying to get to your boy.Sounds like our trip to Vietnam. We got lost in Bangkok. ;-0 !!


Ruth said...

Wow, what a time you had. I can't wait to read more!

Madre said...

Thank you for sharing your story!! I really pray the Lord does something similar in our lives someday.
Your family is just beautiful.
I can't wait to read the rest of the story.
God bless, Lisa

Robin's Reports said...

Whew, I'm glad now I have the story. I knew there were tears & vouchers. :)

Brianna Heldt said...

Renee thanks so much for sharing your travel story with us!! My goodness I would have been in tears too!

Look how beautiful you and your daughter look on the plane! I wish I'd looked half as good on our travel day!

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