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Friday, June 09, 2006

Day 3 Continued~

Well, Blogger was being a pill yesterday for me. So, here is the "Rest of the Story"...

We spent the rest of Day 3 enjoying our sweet boy. My dd swam in the pool while Baby Boy and I snuggled and got to know each other. There was a ton of people at the pool as it was a Holiday. It made for great people watching.

We eventually headed to dinner at the Pizzeria at the Hilton. There one of the funniest things happend. My dd and I are were seated with our Boy and a lady walks by and leans over and says, "I've read your Blog". I have to tell you I felt so famous like Owlhaven or something! My dd was like "Mama what's a blog?" (Incidentally she was shocked to learn on this trip that I shave my legs. The things you learn about your Mama when it's just the two of you!)

She came back after they were seated and we talked briefly. Her family had just adopted a beautiful little girl and a very handsome little boy through AFAA. They were leaving the next day. It was a blessing to meet her!

The food was very delicious and we were very well taken care of.

We headed back to our room and by this time it was late and very dark. We were pretty worn out and the three of us were quickly in La-La Land.

He sucks the first two fingers on his left hand... isn't that sooo cute?


owlhaven said...

Too funny someone recognized you in Ethiopia!!

Love the pix!

Solomon & Malachi said...

He is completely georgous! I hadn't realized you were going through AFAA (We decided on AFAA 6 years ago for when we were ready to adopt, and we keep close tabs on their work!). We were nearly ready to start our homestudy when our respite foster baby fell into our lives. After we find out who gets adoption rights for her we'll plan our next adoption adventure with AFAA. CONGRATULATIONS on your new son! And may God grant you a healthy pregnancy and quick delivery!

Shana said...


I was praying for you and your baby over the last week. I am glad to hear that everything is okay.

Thanks for day 3!


Robin's Reports said...

I loved the whole story and of course, the little 2 finger sucking. He's adorable Renee.

(PS: I had trouble blogging yesterday & today too)

wendy said...

Your son is adorable. I'm loving your travelog...it reminds me of being there two years ago. :-)

MP2 said...

My goodness, you are famous! I've shown some IRL friends of mine pictures of your kids on your blog, and the comment is always the same: yes, MP, the kids are adorable, but the mom is gorgeous! So you must be just as pretty in person (-: