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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Day 3~

So SORRY for the delay! Had a few problems with my pregnancy, I will spare you all the drama but we have the good news that our little babe in the oven is doing well. I have been banned from my excercising on my stepper, so that should give me more time to step heavenward with my Blog :o)

Day 3~

My dd and I slept fitully and finally decided that at 5:00 a.m. we should just get up and start our day. We showered again thankful that this time there was HOT water. The night before the water was c-c-c-old, thankfully that was our only experience with cold showers at the Hilton (spoiled Americans, we truly are!) We read and had our quiet time and then decided to go down and explore. I stepped out onto our balcony to check the temperature and was greeted with the most amazing sounds of hundreds of birds singing. A thrill ran through me as I realized we were in AFRICA! Our view was of the gardens and it was truly lovely.

We went downstairs in search of H2O bottles. The night before, for the first time in my life, I had used something out of a hotel mini-bar! I knew it was pricey but we were parched! We saw all the little shops, the steam rising from the pool fed by the Hot Springs, we eyed the breakfast buffet (well known for causing travelers to become ill), and finally asked a hotel employee where we could buy water. I had heard there was a grocery store at the back of the Hilton but we could not find it. He immediately sent us to our room and told us room service would be right up with some. ERR.. not quite what I meant. So, we headed upstairs to wait on water while we feasted on breakfast bars brought from home.

I had determined if I had not heard from Gail by 9:00 that I would call her and at 8:45 she rang our room and said, "Can you meet me downstairs at 9:30 to go pick up your baby?" I said "YIPPEE!!!", and she laughed. We were so excited we were downstairs ready and waiting by 9:15. There we met our good frined the Hilton doorman, Yoseph. What a nice young man he was. He told us about his family and being raised with 10 sisters. He loved looking at our photos and wanted to hear all about our family and our baby boy.

Gail whipped into the parking lot in her blue van and we got in. Her little boy "Zacky" was in the back seat and chattering away happily. It was so nice to finally meet Gail. She said we were going to ther Ghion to pick up Maribeth and her family. Gail has acclimated to Ethiopian driving VERY well ;o). We arrived at the Ghion with it's lovely gardens. Soon we saw Maribeth heading up the hill with her family. We were all so excited and chattered away happily.

Soon we were at the gate of Layla and Gail honked her horn as a guard swung open the gate. There was a gathering of children watching us and one of them was Maribeth's daughter. It was so sweet to witness this first meeting between mother and daughter.

Gial then took us through the yellow door the The Wanna side of Layla House where the little ones are kept. There was a little one standing there dressed in pink.. Gail quickly told us, "He's a boy, his favorite color is just pink". The laundry area was on the left and a couple of kitty cats were on the right.

Gail took us through the doors and into the Baby Room. There were babies everywhere! Some were being held, some in cribs, many were playing on the floor. Gaill said something to one of the caregivers in Amharic and then scooped up a little one dressed in a girl's sleepr. It was our Baby!!! She put him in my arms and he felt so good and so sweet. I couldn't get over how beautiful and smiley he was. It was a blessed moment just as when our others were born and our boys were placed in our arms the year before. Adoption and giving birth are both miracles and can only happen when orchestrated by a Holy God!

I finally relinquished him so my dd could hold him and then the caregivers came and wanted their pics made with him too. He was definitely loved by many!

I tried to snap some pics of the babies for the waiting families. It was fun to see the babies I had known from the videos and hear who was going home soon.


Gail came back and said Dawit would be bringing us back to the hotel and would be there soon. We went out front and my dd quickly made friends with a beautiful little girl. I was playing with this cute little boy who eventually went upstairs and proceeded to spit at me. It was really funny and cute although I am not sure it comes across that way in the translation.


Dawit was soon there and he drove us to our hotel. Our wee little babe slept in my arms and I couldn't wait to get him back to the hotel. We arranged for Dawit to take us to Sele Enat the next day. Yoseph opened our door and took our little babe from my arms to love on him.. little Babe started to whimper and he quickly handed him back.

We brought him upstairs undressed him and gave him his first tub bath which he "really" did not care for!

We quickkly dressed him and cuddled him and fed him a bottle. We decided to order Ethiopian food to celebrate. I loved the Shiro dd liked the doro but was especially fond of the injera.

Then we headed downstairs to e-mail Dh to let him know we had our Boy! We wanted him to wake-up to our happy news!


The Barr Family said...

I love these posts...having just been I can really picture everything...he is such a smiley guy! Yes its 4 in the morning- the baby thinks he is in Ethiopia- so I thought I would read some blogs...

MP2 said...

Hooray - Day 3! But I'm so sorry to hear about your pregnancy complications. Please take care.