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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday America!!!

Our Ethiopian Boys' first 4th was a great success! They loved the food and the fireworks and the FUN!!! I would say the highlights were the Happy B'day America cake our 10 and 11 yo made and the snap pops! They LOVED throwing those. Our 3 yo drifted off to sleep talking about them. Our 3 yo also loved the fireworks. He would jump up and down and laugh with glee during each one. Our 2 yo wasn't too sure about them but as long as he was in Mama's arms it was all good :o). The baby slept through the whole thing!!!!

Hope everybody had a blessed 4th!!

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Robin's Reports said...

How cute! My boys favorite is also the snap pops.

Next time, you'll have to show us your little bun in the oven.