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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Proverbs 21:23~

He who guards his mouth and his tongue
keeps himself from calamity.

Last night I was wiping down the counters one last time before bed. My DARLING hubby let out the words every hormonal woman in her 7th month of pregnancy longs to hear..

"Man your belly is getting B-I-G!"

Six pregnancies and he still hasn't learned ;o)

I have to give him credit..He tried a quick recovery with "I said big, not large or huge." Followed up with a phone call this morning in whcih he declared the rest of me is so small it just makes my belly look big." Hmm..

Love ya honey!


Shana said...

Big?! You look beautiful! I can barely even see a belly. What's amazing is that this is your SIXTH pregnancy, and you still look amazing.

PastorMac's Ann said...


If you're belly is "big," I must have been gigantic.

Praise the Lord that all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

O.K., in my defense when I said "big" I was actually referring to the lateral circumfrence of the child inside the womb, not to my wonderful pregnant wife who hardly looks pregnant. I can't imagine how you do it, being such a wonderful mom who schools the children, keeps a perfect house, is a baby factory.....shall I keep going?

Your most unworthy husband

Shana said...


Cindy in GA said...

Renee, you look fantastic! And anyway, remember a "big" belly is a good thing when you're pg! :o) Glad to hear that you're hangin' in there and that the kids are all doing well. Take care~

Robin's Reports said...

Renee, I'm glad that you're finally showing!! You were beginning to give me a complex about my 2 gia-normous pregnancies. You're so not big and I think that Mr. Anonymous meant well. LOL Certainly, I think he should pay husband tax with a new pair of shoes.

Anonymous said...

You look GREAT!

eightgumdrops at yahoo dot com

darci said...

hey! welcome back to blogland! :) I have been periodically checking your blog..figured it had something to do with morning (or rather all day and night) sickness. I sure will pray for you..I puked right thru labour with my girls and then..it was GONE! :) hang in there. and by the way, you look gorgeous! you're one of those adorable pregnant women that the rest of us wish we could be..sigh:)

Sue said...

My belly was that size by 3 months!
Your husband's comment he posted was so sweet. How blessed you are to have a husband who compliments you!


Sophie said...

You look awesome!! and your little guy is so precious. sorry he's taking awhile to gain weight. wonder if the allergies were what kept him little for so long.... hmmmm.... anyway, glad to see you back into blogland :) Love to all of you! Sophie

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back! I haven't checked your blog in ages but have been wondering about you and hoping you were well.

Poor hubbies, they just don't get it sometimes (-: I think pregnant bellies are beautiful - you look great.


Leslie said...

WHAT??!!! You are SO not big!! You look beautiful!! (I'll PM you some BIG 7th month pix if your dh still thinks that you're big!) :)


Marian said...

What belly?? Very appropriate application of scripture, btw! ;-)

owlhaven said...

Renee, You don't EVEN look big!!


Thankfulmom said...

I'm glad to see you back in the blogoshpere. I've enjoyed keeping up with your family in the past. You look wonderful.