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Monday, November 06, 2006

Good Things..

Come in Small Packages

Wee Babe has been home for 6 months!!!
He is amazing! It's hard to imagine what we did before we had his little 4 tooth smile to light up our days.

He is on the verge of some BIG things.. He is standing alone and taking first steps...He has gained 3 lbs in the past month (Thank you Jesus!).

He brings joy to our hearts and laughter to our home. O.K. I'll confess he rules the roost and has us all to do his bidding. :o) He is a benevolent and cheerful Little Dictator though :o) God has truly blessed us with our Wee Little Man.

His oldest brother is one of his most faithful subjects ;o)


Blanca said...

Hi Renee
I am very glad that Wee Babe is so beautiful! I knew him at Sele Enat in 3th April 2006 when I went to Ethiopie to meet my son Pablo.
I would like to ask you some question about orphanat. If it is possible, where may I write you?
You can write to me at blanca@gmx.li
Thanks a lot
PD: Sorry, but english is not my lenguage

PastorMac's Ann said...

Awww, what a sweet little guy you've got there, Renee. It boggles my mind that the tiny tiny baby in the picture you posted way back when, is this the same cute healthy handsome guy ! God is truly amazing!

Sue said...


He is such a cute child! Oh, I can't stand waiting for our referral any longer!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I needed to end my day on this note. Thank you.

Robin's Reports said...

My Mom used to tell me this same thing everytime I was discouraged about being the shortest kid in my grade. Wee baby boy is getting so big looking - just in time for Baby girl to enter the picture. I'm sure he'll turn into the big brother soon.

Your blog blesses so many people.

Ginger said...

So good to hear that he is gaining weight! God does answer prayers. His smile is so sweet, how could he not rule the roost.

Anonymous said...

I love keeping track of Noah (Baby Jon). He is still so special to me. I continue to pray for him. He is unbelievable.

Kjelsi Tootell

Sophie said...

He's beautiful, and I'm so glad that he's gained so much weight. well done, renee! Thanks for the great update!