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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lessons From Sunday School~

As we were driving home from church on Sunday the six year old informed us that 4 yo #1 said a bad word. The word we were informed was "Shut-Up". Big "No No Word!". Dh asks "Who taught you that word?" 4 yo #2 decides to "help" his brother out.. He pipes in and says confidently and cheerfully "Jesus!"

Hmm..... What goes on in those litlle minds is a mystery ;o)

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marian said...

Well, "Jesus!" is the right answer a huge percentage of the time in Sunday school, so why not? =)

Just wanted to mention that I saw the book Stepping Heavenward on my sis-in-law's bookshelf while we were visiting over Thanksgiving. Because of you blog name, of course, I was curious,took a look, and asked to borrow it. I haven't had much time for reading since then, so haven't finished even half of it yet but, I love it and can already tell that it's going to be on my list of very favorite books!