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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sweet Pea's Campaign For Real Beauty~

Modeling a Bumgenius......what the Crunchy Girls are wearing this spring..

Do you think this bow makes my head look big?

Striking a pose..

Hmm.. this modeling business is harder than it looks.. I think I'll take a little nap.


OOPS! Did I nod off there for a minute??

Think I can get a snack now? A girl's gotta keep her rolls..


Robin's Reports said...

This is a very funny series of photos. She really appears to be saying all that with her eyes.

She looks so much like Hailey in the eyes.

Congrats to Mr. Anonymous for all his great efforts in your new kitchen & baths. How much does he charge by the hour? Does he preach while he works?

PastorMac's Ann said...

She's a beauty! These pictures and the captions are so cute. Thanks for sharing her with us, Renee.

marian said...

Lookin' fab there! Sweet pea was the perfect name for her.

Christine said...

As I viewed your blog yesterdat and your pics of this little beauty, Molly, my 10yodd said, "Awww how cute! I want her. Whose is she?" When I told her it was REnee's she said, "How come she gets all of the babies?" LOL.

Sophie said...

she's totally precious! :)

Qtpies7 said...

Hi, I found you from Christine's blog. She's my cousin, well, married to my cousin anyways!
Your dd is just adorable! And she sports the same adorable dipes my ds wears! I LOVE BumGenius! (I only have about 24 of them) But I also adore Mudpie Babies. They are worth every single penny to have one or two! Seriously delicious to feel. mudpiebabies.com Every baby should have at least one adorable embroidered dipe from mudpies!

MP2 said...

Princess Leia is looking at this with me and saying, "OOOOOH! She's so cute! She's too cute!"

Sorry about your clipper episode, too. Poor Bumblebee sacrificed his head to my clipper job last month. NEVER again!

Deborah said...

I love these pictures!