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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Where did Feb. go?

Whew! What a month!! When I left off last we had holes in the floor and holes in our kitchen counters. We were also passing around a respiratory illness...

After 28 day (but who is counting) of illness it appears that (save for some lingering barky coughs) we are well!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Also, thanks to the Amazing Mr. Anonymous we now have flooring and countertops. WOO HOO!! There is still more to be done. The kitchen counters need the finishing pieces and grout as does the floor but if you can look past the mortar mess and dust here is our progress! I LOVE my Mr. Anonymous!!!



Shana said...

Looks great! I think we have those same granite tiles!

Sophie said...

wow! that looks awesome!!

Cindy in GA said...

That looks great, Renee!! And it looks like we have the same mixer... :o) I just can't believe you got a picture of the kitchen with NOBODY in it; how did that happen? LOL