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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

3 Months Old~

It's hard to believe but Sweet Pea is already 3 months old. She is such a blessing. She is an extremely happy baby. She is so loved by her older siblings. She hardly ever cries and if she "mews" she has a flock of groupies who arrive instantly to help.

She is at that wonderful stage of sleeping through the night, smiling, laughing, sleeping through the night, cooing, sleeping through the night, discovering her hands and feet, sleeping through the night...

I thought I would try and let you guess in whom she delights the most. She loves us all, but there is one who captivates her..

She thinks he's pretty cool, but it's not him..

She's pretty fond of her too..
Loves this lovely girl, but it's not her...
Thinks she's pretty cute, but not her..
Loves this guy too, but it's not him..
Finds this guy irrestistible, but he's not the holder of her heart
Very loving towards this funny guy, but it's not him..
This guy is a close second, but the one she adores is.....

Plastic Green Whale!!! We aren't sure what he's got, but she's got a bad case of "Green Whale Love".


marian said...

Will she even believe you when you tell her someday that she had a wild obsession with that piece of plastic,or just look at you like you're making stuff up? =D

Heth said...

Green Whale Love. HA! What a little angel you've got there.

darci said...

that is so funny! you had me going..what a gorgeous little one. so so sweet. makes me hardly able to wait to meet our new one. darci :)

MP2 said...

Your kids are adorable!!!

Sue said...

Too funny1 Loved this post!

Sue :)