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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Our Day~

Here is a music slideshow our children created which shows "Our Day".
I told them we were going to document what we do in a day and they went way beyond what I had imagined. They are such great kiddies! We are rearranging /redoing our home so pretty PLEASE ignore any messes and the lack of grout and finishing touches.

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Here is a rundown of our Wed (the day they photoed).

Wednesday's are a busy day for hubby Jim. He leaves before 7 a.m. and works all day stopping in briefly to eat (no time to even sit down) before he heads to preach at the prison downtown. He usually arrives home after 9 p.m.

We are not so much a scheduled family as a "routine" family. Our days have a definite pattern, but with 5 little ones under 5 I have hard time designating hard and fast time slots for subjects and activities.

Our 12 yo son sets his alarm for 6:15 and starts school shortly afterwards. He does BJU Home Sat, so he works independently. Our 11 yo dd also does Home Sat and works independently.

The rest of us awaken between 7 and 7:30.
I shower and by then the younger boys are usually waiting for me in our bedroom.
We dress, make beds, start laundry, feed babies, eat, brush teeth and hair.
We do our family chores.
Either my 11 yo dd or I will start the bread.. we grind our own grain which sounds really difficult, but actually consists of flipping a switch and pouring wheat berries :o).
The Babies get their morning baths.
I do a Preschool Time with our Little Boys.
Little Boys' do playtime while I school the 8 yo and 6 yo girls in math and language arts.
Lunch, feed babies, clean up.
Naptime for Littles under 4.
Schooltime with me for older 4 yo
I do the girls' Sonlight Curriculum w/ them.
Feed Baby.
Check and correct the Older Children's Schoolwork.
Naptime's Over..
Outside Play/Free Time
Clean Up.
Littles' Story Time and off to Bed.
Feed Baby.
Hang-Out Time.
Feed Baby, feed Baby, feed Baby..

Off to BED!


Lauren S. said...

What a busy day! I loved the slide show. You have a beautiful family!

Sophie said...

I can't tell you how much i enjoyed that--you have an awesome family!! your kids did an awesome job with the pics and the slideshow, too. God bless you :)

5KidMom said...

Wow!! That slideshow was outstanding!! Bravo to the kiddos. 8^)

Shana said...

Beautiful slide show. And beautiful family!


Robin's Reports said...

I've been wondering what the new "routine" must look like. It is so awesome when they start working more independantly.

owlhaven said...

Wonderful slide show!!


meLanie said...

You look like you have an incredible family, they are beautiful!

Loving My Only (Tannis) said...

Wow Renee! Not only do you have a beautiful family, you are just radiant! I loved the peek inside your family and your day. :)

The Barr Family said...

You are incredible! I am in awe of you. Keep up the good work being a great mommy!