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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter a.m. Pics!

We hope everyone had a BLESSED Easter celebration. We just snapped a few quick pics on the way out the door this a.m. It was way too chilly for outdoor pics!! I am sure our Northern friends and family are getting a big kick out of that! Really, Y'all it was C-O-L-D ;o)

What a wonderful day to worship our Risen Lord!!! \o/



Robin's Reports said...

I love all the pictures. We had such a blessed time reading Matthew 27 & 28 the other night. Btw, I love that green. My new favorite color.

Christine said...

Cold? Uhhh... it was around 20F here in MN Easter Sunday. It is 37 today and we are expecting 4-6 inches of snow starting late tonight. No it isn't typically like this in April but it can happen. Global warming....? Ha!
I love the great pics. THanks for sharing.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

We really enjoyed looking at the pictures :). We were wondering....who plays the guitars that are on the wall in the den? The girls are beautiful and the men are handsome. We are so blessed to have children.
Will says Aunt Renee looks like an angel! As you stand in front of the windows, the middle window is your halo, and the side windows are your wings!! You really DO look like an angel. You act like one, too.

Debbie, Marigrace and Will