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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Look Who's 3!!!!

My Sweet little Toddler has turned into a big boy. Everyday he get sweeter, and smarter, and funnier. Lately his favorite phrase is "Me do it." It seems like yesterday he was placed in our arms. He couldn't walk and just had 4 little teeth. Now he runs, jumps, swims, and is a pro with a soocer ball. He sings his ABC's and Jesus Loves Me. He is a great little brother and a sweet and tender big brother. He blesses us more than words can say.

Happy Birthday Pumpkin BOY!


Sophie said...

And there's our little eyasu! I can't believe he's 3! One day when I was busy at the orphanage, he would crawl up to me and absolutely NOT leave me alone until I played with him! he still has that same sweet smile....but it's so much happier now! Good job :)

Elizabeth said...

:) Your family is such an encouragement to me!

I was thinking, with the last two posts, that it's a good thing there are so many of you to eat ALL THAT CAKE!

Elizabeth (aka Skylark)

Robin's Reports said...

Somebody here wants you to make his 8th birthday cake. :o)

Happy Birthday P!!! I can't believe this is the one who wanted to stay a baby in your arms and now he is a big brother!

I have got to get up there and kiss all those new babies you have!