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Friday, June 29, 2007

It's been awhile!~

It's hard to believe the month of June has almost passed us by! Summer is flying! We have been having a lot of fun. The LPOB (Little Pack of Boys) are all about cowboys lately. When they aren't swimming they are galloping around the house on their "horsies"(..brooms to us, horsies to them :o). holding up and shooting up the rest of the family.

We have loved swimming and playing in the water. The older three kiddies are taking some classes this summer which has kept us hoppin'.
Here is our summer break... broken bone that is..Beware of frozen water bottles falling out of freezers.

We've had a great time visiting with friends..

We are having a great summer. Everyone seems to grow even faster this time of year. It's a precious, precious time.

And what would summer be w/o a mid afternoon snooze..

We hope everyone is having a Blessed summer!!!


Robin's Reports said...

Hey, you blogged! Fantastic! And I made the blog too..... LOL

What is it about a sleeping baby that puts all of us to sleep? That is funny of N with ER. Where's the picture of you & ER snoozing?

It looks like you're having as wonderful of a summer as we are having.

Eileen and Jerry Mestas said...

Hello! I so enjoyed your blog!
We have five going on eight(hopefully) children. We are adopting from Ethiopia and are hoping to get three little girls.
You can read our blog at www.jobsdaughters.blogspot.com
P.S We have a big 15 passenger van as well and it is green so we named it Larry Boy,The big green pickle! That is just so funny that you named your van as well!
Thank You!
Eileen Mestas

Sophie said...

What a beautiful family you have! and I'm so glad you blogged--I've been checking back every few days, hoping for a new post :)