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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Preschool Time~

I had a few people ask what we do for our Preschool Time.

I have found the best way to keep our preschoolers happy during school time is to keep them active and involved. Every day I have a different little one help me in the kitchen in the a.m. This usually involves helping me make bread. I like working one on one as this gives us special time together, and it is less hectic than 4 little ones all wanting to do their part.

After that we do a tidy up of their play area. This is usually just putting away toys, sweeping, and dusting.

*****The Happy Clean-Up crew***********

We then have our prayer time, Bible verse, singing time, letter of the week, and "Phonics Lesson". We are using My Father's World K for this time for our 2-5 yo. Our 5 yo also does Abeka K Phonics and Bob Jones K Math and Handwriting. He is reading short words so during our short phonics lesson he does it in sign language.

****** *Wee Babe Signing Please****

We then do our "Center Time"

We do three centers/day with each child doing 10 mins. per center. Our 2 yo has his own centers.

Here are the centers we currently do

Art Card Matching Game
Box Center (In this I have different shaped boxes ;circle, square, heart and a small wallet with snaps and zippers, a mint box, and a small glass jar) I put different little buttons and beads and they have fun exploring and rearranging the boxes. This is great practice for snapping, zipping, and fine motor skills)

Sorting glass rocks with tongs
Pouring water or rice into several containers w/ or w/o a funnel
weighing rocks w/a small scale
Cuisenaire rods
A Big Kid Lego- This is a treat as we don't allow the Littles to play w/ the Big kid Legos. They enjoy putting the bricks together under my supervision.
Tracing Letters in Corn Meal
Crushing Spices w/a Mortar and Pestle
Digging for "treasures" in rice with a baby spoon and small tweezers (I hide counting bears, and beads)
Doing stamps on paper and coloring them in
Lacing dinosaurs
Lap Harp
Play-doh w/utensils (I have them make food out of the Ply-do and then practice cutting with child size fork and "knife"

2 yo centers
I don't expect our 2 yo to spend a lot of time doing centers. He loves sitting w/us during our Bible and song time.
He enjoys his centers, and when he is done he usually heads to his high chair for his daily banana feast.

Shape Sorter
Dr. Kit w/ Baby
Musical Instruments
Transferring beans from cup to bowl
stacking blocks

After this is over we do a craft..

Followed by snack time..

Followed by.. a Signing Time DVD. Signing Time has been GREAT for our adopted kiddies learning English. It is multi sensory and, it has helped things click, and they really enjoy it. I am not big on DVD's, but I love this series.

We then head outside for playtime..

We then head inside to have more playtime. Each of the three boys has blankets which I made. They sit on them and work either with large Legos, wooden blocks and cars, toy soldiers, or their wooden train tracks. They rotate blankets every 15 minutes.

This gives me time to correct older children's school work or to give help. I also do this during naptime, and during their Signing Time.

Wee Babe wanders from Blanket to blanket playing.

We then have lunch and naptime. .

During this time Sweet Pea is either napping, eating, scooching, or on my hip.

Our afternoons vary depending on the day, but usually include swimming, free play, park, or errands.


wisekath said...

Hi Renee, it's walknlove from SL. Thanks for the ideas to add to our preschool time. They love hands on things, don't they?! I am assuming you have all of these toys ready to go for center time. Where do you store your things like the corn meal, rice and tiny rocks/beads? Do you have a high shelf or an off limits cabinet?

Another thing ours like is stickers. I usually keep a bunch in a box. I draw circles on paper and tell dd to stick them in the circles. Then she connects the dots she made.

Sophie said...

you are amazing!!!!

marian said...

Wow, you do a great job. Thanks for a few extra ideas.

I guess this assumes that your older kids are working pretty independently? My 5th grader has several disabilities and can barely work independently at all. This makes our school times very challenging, with a 2nd grader, pre-Ker and 2 year old.

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Wow, those are really helpful ideas. I have a two year old and I'm just starting to think about what I want to do with him next year for home-pre-school. My husband and I want to homeschool, but I confess that I find the thought of actually planning SCHOOL for lots of children incredibly daunting. It is so helpful to read practical suggestions/ideas from people who are doing it (and on a much larger scale th an I'm currently planning on!) :)

Shana said...

Wow. I was exhausted by the end of your list, and to find out you do all that before lunch! You are an inspiration!

Robin's Reports said...

Why haven't you been nominated for Best Mom of the Year award? I'm calling Oprah.

thecurryseven said...

Thanks for all the ideas. I need to do something different with the 2 (soon to be 3) preschoolers and these ideas will help a lot.