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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Baby Nappers!

Since Sweet Pea was born our girls have been campaigning for her to transition into their room. This was the plan. They have a perfect little nook where her bed will go...but Jim and I just can't seem to let her go yet. We love having her in our room with us. After 13 years of parenting and 9 children it just doesn't get old. We go crazy over her babbling...applaud wildly with her new clapping skill...and are as goofy in love w/her as we were with our first. It's so much fun to be able to share this with all the kiddies..they are so crazy for her too...

This morning the girls baby napped her and brought her into their room to prove to us she would love it there.

This is how Jim found them..

I think she looks like she misses me.. ;o)


Leah-Joy said...

This looks so much like the five of us girls that is is crazy!! We did and still do stuff like that all the time!!! Sweet Pea has gotten SO big!
Love all ya'll,

darci said...

she is definitely saying.."this would be PERFECT if only mommy was here..."

mom2rebels said...

Yep, definately doesn't seem she's ready to transition to the girls room yet!
We are just starting the transition for our little one...always a sad time for me.

Wendy RobertsRowdyRancher said...

That is so sweet. It makes me want more babies to sleep with. I still have my Carson in our bed and he is 8 years old. All of my babies stayed in our bed a good long time. Some of my fondest memories are snuggling and playing and talking with them before we all fall asleep. As they get older I think they feel safe and are able to open up about things that are concerning them.

RRR (sonlight)

Anonymous said...

I don't know which is more precious... that she actually has sisters who WANT a baby in their room or you your reluctance to let her go. :)
Your family is such a blessing!

Elizabeth (Skylark)

Jodie said...

What a beautiful picture! I love reading your blog, the verses and about AAI's new Ghana program. We sponsor a family there and are always interested in finding more about Ghanan culture, etc.