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Friday, September 07, 2007

Life With Boys~

I turned around for a minute to dry off a little one who had just emerged from the pool..

Then I hear a splash followed by an admonishing 13 yo saying "Mama, would not be happy..."

I turn to see our little 5 yo bobbing in the pool and I order him out.

I give said 5 yo a stern lecture on the dangers of jumping from the ledge. I give him a wonderful verbal discourse on the dangers of jumping into shallow water..I throw out terms like paralysis and wheelchair..This one is fearless.. I must instill a bit of healthy fear ..I will not let those dimples the size of moon craters sway me.. I must stay strong...

He looks at me with big eyes and says, "But Mama, I didn't jump.."

"You didn't jump?" I ask ..

"No Mama, honest.." he says emphatically.. " I didn't jump.. ..........................

I did a FLIP.."

L'Oreal Medium Brown.. You may want to buy stock in it ;o)


Erin said...

LOL! We have one like that too... he is seven. He wants to grow up to be a stunt man, and goes at life with that sort of passion.

At a trip to the ER (stitches from a wild sled ride), a nurse tried to give him a teddy bear that they give to all of the kids who come in. She was showing him all the different colors he could pick from. He said, "No thanks... I already have all of those colors".

Gotta love boys!!!

Marian said...

That was the perfect picture to post at the end of this story!

Robin's Reports said...

You need that t-shirt that says, "I do my own stunts."

How could you stay mad at dimples?

zahra said...

So ADORABLE! He is just gorgeous.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the belly laugh. :) Yes, it's easier to laugh when it's someone else's child pulling stunts like that! :P