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Monday, September 17, 2007

Melissa Fay Greene

Melissa Fay Greene is a mother to 9 children (including 4 whom were adopted from Ethiopia)..and an award winning author.

I first heard of Melissa in 2002 when she wrote this article for The New York Times..which birthed into our hearts..and the hearts of many others.. the dream of adopting from Ethiopia..

Robel is a rambunctious 8-year-old of the...

half-baked-schoolwork type.
It is easy to picture him as a bike-riding,
Nintendo-loving American boy
. He has surmised that hospital treatment
killed his mother.
''I was born in Tigray,'' he says, speaking
through a translator like most
of the younger kids. ''Then went with
my parents
to Sudan as refugees.
My father would get food from the refugee
camp and bring it to the house.
Mother died in Sudan. She went to hospital
for injection. First injection is good;
second time, she is tired; third injection,
she died. Then I hear people crying
about father. They said, 'Your father has died.'

''My small sister, Gelila, is 4. When Gelila
see something in my hand, she cry,
so I give her. She does not remember our parents.''

There is a terrible sameness to the stories.
They all head
down the
same path: the mother's death, then the father's;
or Father died, then Mother,
then Small Sister, then funny Baby Brother.
Alone, bringing out
the words of the family's end, a child's
eyes fill with tears; the chest
fills with sobs. Bedtime is the worst,
when all shenanigans die down.
At night, ghosts and
visions and bad dreams visit the children.
Through the open windows, you can hear
kids crying into their pillows.


Melissa Fay Greene's amazing and highly acclaimed book
"There is No Me without You"
is now available in paperback. It is a must read for
anyone interested in adoption
or anyone who has a heart for children.
It is a story of tragedy and hope and love...
you will be
blessed and moved by it.


Deborah said...

Hey Renee!
We need to get the book - we will order it today.

Thank you for the testimony that you and Jim are. Your family inspires all of us.

Keep up the great work!

We Love You All!!


Deborah said...

The computer wouldn't let me comment on the Ephesians post so we wanted to tell you here that we LOVE the picture of you and Jim!!

We hope you are feeling MUCH better.

We can't wait to see you. I have children scheming of ways to visit you and come home with you on Thanksgiving :).

Love you!

thecurryseven said...

I loved this book. I am very excited that she is going to be at a bookstore in my town on Thursday night and I'll get to meet her in person. (And have her sign my book!)