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Thursday, December 06, 2007

John 15:13~

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

When you are adopting from another part of the world you suddenly find yourself wanting to know more about the culture you are adopting from. Soddo, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Nazret, Ethiopia, and Accra, Ghana are no longer just little dots on a map, but the birth places of our sons. We care about the people there, and we like to know what is happening in those areas.

I guess that is why some time ago( in addition to reading our local/national news) I began reading the BBC Africa News.

Africa is a huge and diverse continent. I have really enjoyed getting to know more about the countries and the issues they face.

I was very saddened to read earlier this week about an Ebola Outbreak in Bundibugyo, Uganda. Ebola is such a fearful disease.

Then a friend sent me a link for THIS BLOG...and it has put on real and personal a face to this Ebola Crisis.

The Missionaries at World Harvest Mission are on the front line of this battle, and they have lost one of their Dr.'s to the Ebola Virus. They trained and loved Dr. Jonah, and they are mourning his passing whilst fighting a real and very dangerous killer.

This paragraph about his life touched me deeply..

Friday November 23 is the day Jonah believed himself to have been infected. That was the day he and Scott examined Jeremiah Muhindo. In between two of the times they saw the patient together, Jonah went in alone and arranged a face mask of oxygen onto the dying man, hoping to provide some relief or comfort. He was not wearing gloves because he could not find any at the hospital at that moment, and he felt that his friend needed the oxygen. That was his greatest exposure.

A Christian brother has gone on to his reward in heaven. Pray for those who are left behind..his wife, children, mother, and brothers, and the workers at World Harvest Mission..who offer this explanation for the title of their Blog Paradoxuganda

"We are a pair of docs in working in Africa ... Paradox: “A seemingly absurd proposition which when explained may prove to be true”-- Oxford English Dictionary. Dying that we might live. Becoming poor that we might be rich. Strong in our weakness. Joyful despite our suffering. Sinners, yet saints. Apparent contradictions, but core truths."

Also, pray that God will stop this killer, bring healing to the sick, and strength to the laborers who are working in His Name..

And now... when I tell my children about the heroes of our faith..Nate Saint, Jim Elliott, Gladys Aylward, George Mueller, Amy Carmichael, etc. I will also tell them of Dr. Jonah..another true hero of the faith.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say for you have said it all. Thank the LORD that we are blessed to be here in America! May God bless all of his children that are ill!
Love and miss you all and hope that you all have a very merry CHRISTmas!

Deborah said...

What a beautiful man he was. Thank you again for opening our eyes. And hearts. Can you please tell us how you listen to the news? I will go to the blog now. I love you dearly.

Robin's Reports said...

That really touched my heart too. It was medicine for my soul.

Kim & Dave said...


I so agree!!!

Our kids NEED to know about these people!!!

BTW...I have put a link to your blog in mine...hope that's ok... :-)

Anonymous said...

Renee, I read ParadoxUganda too and I am weeping for that dear man.
A number of people, including you, have made Africa a much more real place to me.
Still praying for your boys, and safety for Jim on his trip.


Pam said...

This touched me deeply. Thank you for directing us to the paradoxuganda blog. My problems today were so petty in comparison.

Pam/Giggly C

the ewings said...

Absolutely, he is a true hero! One to be remembered and honored and you have done just that! Thank you, Renee! My son in also from Soddo. Which one of your boys is from there? I have not been there yet but have some photos of the area if you are interested? Let me know. - Chris