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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday~


Paula said...

Oh My Goodness! I could just eat them up...they are SO adorable! LOVE it!

Robin's Reports said...

Adorable. What a great bond they're forming.

(Change your profile. Can we have Wordless Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun...? I love the pics)

Anonymous said...

That is THE BEST PIC EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE IT!!!! What wonderful and sweet brothers!
Love and miss you all!

Anonymous said...

Jim & Renee,
You are a blessing for the world.
Thank you for pointing out how I've wasted my 73 years.

Noel said...

The boys look so happy!
Love you all,


Those smiles are contagious!
Love it!
Kami in AZ

Bradshaws said...

Hello Renee!
My name is KT, I believe we chatted via email a while ago, over a year ago in fact! We used to be "Finally a family of Seven" but have a new blog,
Anyhow, the reason for my post is to 1. say CONGRATS on getting the boys home!! They are adorable!!
2. I am desperatly looking for homeschooling advise (IF you have time :-) Our 12 year old is really struggling, and her teacher suggested she be homeschooled until she is ready to re-enter her grade level.
My email is

Deborah said...

The Wordless Wednesdays reflect the love in your home. And your heart.

Anonymous said...

Those say more then words ever could! Thank you for sharing!