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Monday, February 25, 2008

Life With Boys~

Yesterday at church I was standing in the perpetually long line for the ladies restroom..

Someone at the back of the line asked "So Renee. How many children do you and Jim have now..??"

I took a deep breath and said, "Eleven."

As I feared... the restroom gasped in unison...

Then the next question..."How many boys and how many girls...???"

Seven boys.. and well at that point... it's always just all over. "Seven boys???"

Yes, seven boys. It makes me gasp too.

It does sound like a lot..O.K. it is a lot.. but they are so sweet, and fun, and loud, and helpful, and loud, and so loving, and, hysterically funny.., and I confess there are times I look at Jim and ask "Do we have no common sense?" and then he tells me about the Baja Dune Buggy Car that he saw at the store which would be so fun...and I think "Common sense left the building a long time ago...."And I would not have it any other way :o)

We are SO blessed. TRULY , TRULY blessed, and each day I am thankful to be the wife and Mama of this household...They will all be grown and gone far too soon, and I am trying to savor each moment...even the loud ones.

Our Sweet 5 yo came in for an early morning snuggle and chat today...

He said: "Mama, when I am 7 I am going to buy an IPod."

Me: "Oh, really?"

Him: "Yes, I have twenty dollars saved, so by the time I am 7.. I will have enough.

Me: "Wow, that's awesome. Keep working hard and keep saving your money."

Him: " I think I want a blue one."

Me: "Not orange?"

Him: "No. BLUE....Ummm.. Mama???

Yes: What's an Ipod?


This afternoon as I was putting our 3 year old son for a nap ..

3 yo: Mama, when I grow up I am going to be a firefighter. I am going to put water on people's homes, and make the fire all gone. Jesus will be so proud of me. And you .. You can make me dinner :o)

It is the boys' job to sweep the floors after every meal. Lately as they sweep they have begun to have jam sessions on their brooms. Here they are with their "guitar brooms"..

I don't think I have ever gotten airborne while doing my chores. I might need to try that...
Ooops guitar broom to the head.Phew! It looks like everything will be o.k...

And Mom, I must say I tell them the wise words you gave us every day..

The trouble with trouble is... It starts out as fun...


abby said...

Here's what I love reading about your family:

You have 11 kids. And everything you have to say about having 11 kids is positive. So often I read a "mom" blog and that mom has 1 or 2 kids and it's mostly stories about how their kids are driving them crazy. I'm 100% sure that your kids have done a few things wrong in their lives ;) but you focus so much on the positive and see the good and God in all the situations. It's a very uplifting read.

Thank you.

rachel said...

Just wanted to tell you just how much I love reading your blog and seeing all the smiling faces. I can hear the gasp...heehee...I'd have probably gasped too, but I am glad for you lack of common sense adn how God uses it. ;-) and your mom sounds smart.

Kristy -Mom to 4 and soon to be more! said...

Oh your family is sweet sweet sweet!
I too appreciate the sweetness of your stories and your choice to focus on the positives of life with 11 children!
What a blessing to read your blog!
I look so forward to reading about another day in your household and look excitedly to the day when we are able to bring our new kiddos home!

Hope said...

I love you Aunt Renee! Tell the Cousins I love them as well and can't wait to see you guys soon. Your posts are always so encouraging and I look forward to every one,
In Christ

Joy said...

Hey aunt Renee!
Tell the 5 yro that he is "Lookin' kinna snaked!"
We miss and love you!
Come and visit my blog when you have time!

Robin's Reports said...

(Picking myself up off the floor from laughter.) Renee, you crack me up. That last picture is priceless with the timing of it all. Your last line needs to be painted on the walls of my boys' room.

I love you guys!! You give those of us with 2 kids much hope and ..... perspective!


Muddy Toes said...

You are one of my heroes! I aspire to many kids, and am so glad there are still those who love happy chaos :o) God is so good!

Noel said...

Thank you for such uplifting posts!
I always look forward to reading them
Thank you for your prayers, my test went well today. :)
Love you all and miss you.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon.
Love you!

Joyce said...

I LOVE that you have a large family and SO wish I did too. I love seeing large families and try to tell them that, too.

Airborne sweeping - totally terrific shot! :D

danellejoy said...

Thank you for being a blessing! I wish you lived close by and I could chat with you in the restroom line! =) I'm so very glad I found your blog! Did I tell you we're going to meet our boys for the first time at the end of March? Haiti-Bound!

Jim & Laurel said...

Hi Renee,

Thanks soooo... much for the supportive comment on my blog today. :) We brought my daughter's computer to Ghana, so I don't have all my blogging friends' blog addresses or email addresses. So good to hear from you.

And ... your post on boys ... AWESOME. We have 7 boys and 6 girls. Just had a dream 2 nights ago that I got pregnant with another girl. Oh my!


Laurel :)

Joy said...

This looks like sooo much fun!
You are an awesome Mama!
LOVE you!

marygrace :-) said...

I love, love, love seeing the smiling, happy faces on your blog. Your family is truly a testament to the love and grace of JESUS. Thank you so much, as always, for sharing!

Rachel Marie said...

I love hearing about how your kids love to help with cleaning etc- it gives me hope. I am working on training mine to do chores each day (like trash, wiping bathrooms down, setting/clearing the table, sweeping, etc) But what I want to know is how on earth do I keep them from getting distracted?!!! This morning my 4 1/2 year old daughter was sitting on her bedroom floor in her underwear looking at a book. I am all about reading, BUT she was told to get dressed and make her bed! Then my 6 year old son was supposed to be picking everything up off his floor so he could vacuum, but he was playing with legos! I don't want to be a slave driver here, but it drives me crazy when they take sooooo long to do their chores and we need to be getting to our school work! I am only homeschooling 2 so far and it seems to take way too long to do their phonics and math, cutting into time that I'd like to be reading to them, doing a craft, or cooking or baking together because they are soooooo poky!! Any suggestions? Yes, I do consider you an expert of sorts :)

Larissa said...

I have never visited your blog before, but this post really resonated with me. As the mother of three sons and one on the way I am glad to know there are women out there that are following their calling with so much joy and stamina, even in the midst of some "shock" even from the church! Glad you love children so much and are so willing to invest your life in theirs and sheppherd their hearts towards the savior! You really made me laugh!