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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Matthew 10:42~

"And whoever in the name of a disciple gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water to drink, truly I say to you, he shall not lose his reward." Matthew 10:42

I am heading out to take the children to their Tae Kwon Do Lessons and I tell them to get their water bottles. As they scramble to get their shoes, socks, water I check my e-mail and see this e-mail from Merrily Ripley of AAI...

"I am feeling sad but thankful. Today we got the following message from our
coordinator in Ghana regarding an orphanage that has sent us some children
for placement.

is diarrhea, banku is a corn porridge mixed with cassava, is very cheap but
has almost no nutritional value)

The children that this orphanage has sent to us have had terrible parasites
due to the contaminated water supply. I told Anita to send our staff
grocery shopping for fruit, eggs, and chicken and to buy drinkable water for
them. Fortunately we had an extra $500 on hand there so there will be no
delay. It is so hard to think of kids suffering because there is not good
food or water available. We had plans to raise money so a borehole for
water could be drilled for them. It looks like this project moves into the
urgent category. I am thankful we have folks who care.


I can't imagine not have clean drinkable water for my children. We don't even think about it. We use it freely and without thought.

These poor children at Kasoa not only don't have families, they don't even have clean water or food. AAI is raising money to build a borehole well which will give these children water which can replenish their bodies and not sicken them. If you feel led to give to this project contact AAI HERE and mark it for the Kasoa Project.


Foxy5 said...

I tried that link and it didn't work. What is the web address?

Renee said...

Thanks, I fixed the Link. Sorry about that!

Robin's Reports said...

It breaks my heart! We are consuming water by the gallons on hot weekends working on the boat.

I can't imagine running an orphanage without it.

Thank you for linking us.

Joy said...

It is sad to think that we, in America are complaining that our food isn't cooking fast enough or that we can't water our lawn b/c we are in a drought when these people don't even have water to drink much water there lawn for they don't even have a lawn!

Thank you for reminding us all! They will all be in my prayers!

Joy said...

oop's! ...have water to drink much LESS water their lawn...

Noel said...


There must be so much sorrow and pain in their lives.

I can't imagine, not having water...

Much love to you all,

Jodi said...

So sad! Our family does what we can to save water. My four year old asked me if we were going to run out of water. I told him that we weren't here in America, but we still must be good stewards...and that in Africa they don't have enough water. The sweet innocence in his voice replied "Why don't they just go to the store and get some."
I am looking forward to the day when I can explain hard issues to my kids and give them a passion for helping. Of course, we talk about it, but I just never know how much to share. Any thoughts?