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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

From Sweet Pea~

I love my Big Brothers..

They are cool..

They take me in the kiddie pool..

They give me a place to rest..

And think that *I* am the best..
They'll put my binky in on the double....

And will even hold it whilst I get into trouble..
They brush my hair while I eat...
And are always sweeping me off my feet.

I love my brothers yes I do..

and judging from these pictures ..

I have a "thing" for my Binky too.

Please don't tell my Mama ...

She'll take it away..

Can you say Drama.. ????


Noel said...

You pegged her!

My favorite is
"And will even hold it whilst I get into trouble.."
That was so cute.

I love and miss you,

Joy said...


I haven't been around her a lot but that sounds just like her!!!

See you in 11 days!!!!!!!!!!!

sandwichinwi said...


Say, do tell about your little guy's glasses. I always mean to ask. How many pairs does he have, in what colors? Are they flexible (they look like they are). Are they cheap that he can have so many pairs? I love that you make it a fashion statement for him! How fun!


Angela said...

Hi Renee!

I am a friend of Robin's. I just wanted to "introduce" myself and say I love reading your blog, and watching your family grow (and grow up, LOL!) Please tell Sweet Pea we really enjoyed "her" guest post, and we hope to hear from her again soon!

Hugs to you in Christ,


Jim & Laurel said...

Loved the post.

The pics say a lot about the character traits you have trained your boys in. How to love, honor, and cherish ... those same traits will come in handy in 15-20 years.

:) :) :)

Pam said...

So cute! Renee, you are so creative! (oh, I mean sweet pea is so creative!)

Carletta said...

Oh how cute, Renee!

We're thinking of and praying for you often.

Robin's Reports said...

OMGoodness!! I love Sweetpea's blog. She looks so innocent sucking on that binkie but she is really a cunning little woman who has many men wrapped around her little finger.

We need to chat soon. I miss you!!
Btw, where did you get that Roman's Road t-shirt?

Deborah said...

This was adorable! The relationship she has with Wee Babe is a blessing...and trouble, too, I suppose...some days ;). I have loved watching your children grow up.

I really enjoyed all the pictures. What a great way to end computer time and start the noodles :)

I love you dearly!!

Grace* said...

This is so sweet! It is so awesome to see how much her brothers love her. Cant what to see y'all. :0)

Lauren said...

So cute!

I think my youngest has that purple-colored dress as well!

Joy said...

Just browsing over some older post and had to sop and say hey!

Love and miss you all so much and see you 66 days!