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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Q & A~

I apologize for being so bad about answering questions. I am never sure whether or not to answer them in the Comment Section or as a new post.. and then I don't answer, but the questions haunt me in the night. Please forgive me for being so slow to answer.

If You have a question please leave it, and I'll try to answer ;o)

*Totally random pictures added just because.

1. Are you and Jim crazy?

I have received this question several times lately (mainly in real life) so I thought I would answer.

Yes. Maybe. No. Are we crazy? I 'm not sure.

Last week our Youth group went to Ecuador for a Mission Trip. Our Youth Pastor shared with me that at one point the children they were ministering to were singing to them, and a chaperone leaned over and said, "Jim and Renee don't seem quite so crazy anymore... do they?"

All of our children are a precious blessing to us. We are so honored to have each one in our home.

So, we may be crazy, but we are also blessed.

2. Where do you get your children's bathing suits from? Where did you get your Airplane Teeter Totter from?

BJ's Wholesale Club. It is probably the answer to most any purchasing question for our family. They love us at BJ's, and we love BJ's.
3. Do Eben and Joel speak English?
Their English is amazing. They are shy with people initially so you might not know it, but they speak very well.

We do have our little cultural quirks. Someone was speaking about feeding the children goldfish, and as we walked away Eben said, "Mama WHY would they feed the children goldfish?" I showed him the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish the next time we were at the store to prove that there are not crazy live fish feeding Orbunis here in America .

Eben and Joel love to pick up little catch phrases from movies/DVD's. They say "Shame, shame, shame" just like Gomer Pyle. Eben's new favorite phrase is "I'm toast." Joel's is, "That''s cool Mom." They are too funny.

4. Are the Wee Boy's Glasses real? And.. Where do you get them?

Yes, the Wee Boy's glasses are quite real. He is extremely far sighted. He also has Strabismus . He will always need corrective frames.

Because his vision is so poor he wears his glasses all the time. He can't stand not to have them on and even prefers to sleep in them. We purchase them from Solo Bambini. They are soft framed so they don't dent his skin when he lays down with them. Our insurance covers only part of the cost as they are out of network. The frames aren't too expensive, but his lenses are.

5. Are you pregnant?

Apparently there is a rumor going around church that I'm expecting. I am not.

Note to self: Don't wear cute, loose, peasanty shirts that are in style if you have 11 children..It messes with people's minds ;o)

6. Where did you get the Roman Roads T-shirt?

It was a hand me down from the Hereford Family :o)

If I forgot a question please ask away.

Have a Blessed Day!


darci said...

what a great post! i was giggling thru some of it-I know those blouses! :) sadly i cannot get the airplane teetertotter in canada..oh well.
still praying for you guys..esp. eben and joel. darci

Momma Hen said...


I was crying as I read your answer to the "are you crazy?" question. People don't get it until they "get it".

See it with your eyes and feel it with your heart and then it doesn't feel so crazy...

Thanks for sharing your heart and your family. You are a blessing to me!


Robin's Reports said...

Thanks for answering my question about the Rom Rd shirt. Doesn't help me, but ok. :oP

You had me totally laughing when you said you weren't pg & the whole shirt thing. Last weekend, I wore one of those and Little Man told me to throw it away. He said it made me look fat. IMO, I looked pg. Oh well...... not our style, huh?

Love you ALL!!!

Mary & Doug said...


I am a fellow Sonlight mom and we recently adopted two boys (2 & 6) from Ethiopia. I enjoy reading your blog - always very inspiring.

I would love it if you would post about a typical day at your house. How do you manage it all? Going from 2 to 4 has thrown me for a bit of a loop and though I love the idea of a larger family, it can seem overwhelming! I'm not sure how things will go when we attempt to start school again. Please share!


Joy said...

I think that you are the coolest cousin/aunt ever!!!!!!!!

Love and miss you all!!!

See you in a week!!!!!!!!!!

Joy said...

I forgot to tell you,

More then one person has mama why she had so many kids and there are only 7 of us!!!!

Kimberly said...

I love the pregnant thing. If I wear a shirt like that, every time, DH's mom asks me if I have any news for her (said with a sly smile.) It is soo funny!
P.S. I know you're not crazy...you are blessed beyond belief!

Anonymous said...

Can you post a link to the swimsuits for me? I couldn't find them, but I LOVE them!

Amy Kate (HK)

Noel said...

I love and miss you guys so much.
Can't wait to see you all. :)
I love this post!

Grateful for Grace said...

I *love*love*love seeing your family!!

Have no Qs, but just wanted to say hi!!

Robin's Reports said...

OOh, I just realized big brother is giving sister bunny ears. How funny.

My guys would love to see that. We have many bunny ear pictures that don't make the blog cut.

birthblessed said...

Personal question: how do you afford the martial arts? I have wanted to put my 4 boys in martial arts (my girl too but she wants ballet) but the martial arts around here are $100-130 per month per child! (Ballet on the other hand is $30-45 a month.)

I still would really like to do it, I think the boys would benefit from it- especially the boy who tends towards impulsive aggression.

Karianne said...

Renee, I stop in from time to time, but think of your family often. Thanks for opening this up to some questions, as I've always wanted to ask, but didn't want to be nosey!

Did you and DH always want a lot of kids?

Do you and DH each come from families with a lot of siblings?

My adopted son from Ethiopia is 2.5 and shows no interest in potty training, so different than my daughter! Any advice?

Affording things is also on my mind. My hubs has a pretty good job, but it is still tight with only 2 kid, with one on the way!

I'm so sorry about the Ghana situation.

rbrum said...

Would love to read some posts about how you keep your family so organized.