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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Preschool Pajama Party~



Robin's Reports said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! Almost like a Christian square dance! Swing your partner once or twice.

I'm so happy that you're back to blogging. Twice in 2 days. What a blessing.

(I'm first commenter! Yeah. I didn't do so well on your last one. #37)

Scarlett said...

That is so cute. I just sat here grinning and feeling their joy. What treasures!

Leslie said...

They could hardly BE any more adorable, Renee!!

Joy said...

That is PRECIOUS!!!! Wee Babe will do anything for Sweet pea won't he?

Ahh, I didn't want it to end!

Can't wait to see ya'll!

Sophie said...

Awww....too sweet! I smile to see my little guy so healthy and happy! I'm planning on moving to Ethiopia, Renee...crazy, huh? :) Sophie
PS--congrats on the new baby! hopefully you're feeling good :)

Jen said...

What a beautiful relationship they have!

Janet said...

Tee hee. I love watching kids dance.

Hope said...

What darlings!

Hope :)

Jenny said...

That is too precious!!!

Annette said...

What a blessing to my heart today. Thanks for sharing.

Annette in MN

Joy said...

Just had to stop by and say hello again! I have watched that video SO many times! I love the Wee Babe bobs and shakes his head as his way of dancing! It is precious.

See you in Oct.!

Robin's Reports said...

Look who's got an award!!

PS: OK, I have to watch the video again.

Grateful for Grace said...

I know you don't blog much anymore (what on earth could be keeping you so busy??), but I wanted you to know I gave you a blogger award. Check out my blog to see it, I think that's how it works!

I Love Your Blog award

Honestly, yours is my favorite blog for lots of different reasons.

I hope you are feeling well.

in Him,

Dave and Rae said...

Absolutely beautiful...

As a fellow adoptive parent, I thought to write and tell you about the new guest home in Ethiopia specifically for adoptive parents and volunteer groups for the benefit of orphans in Ethiopia. Now that it is up and running, we would love to share the vision with other adoptive parents. You can see more at http://www.ethiopiaguesthome.com.

If you would like to post a link, send me an email at dave@ethiopiaguesthome.com and I’ll forward you the information.


Dave McIlrath, MA
Orphan Advocate
Ethiopia Guest Home
More Than a Place to Stay

Jenny said...

Hey Darlin'!
How are you and the new baby doing? I know you are tired and very busy with school but I miss your posts and wanted to drop by and say "Hi, I miss You!". Take care...hugs and kisses :)