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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Did You Vote?

What an exciting day here in America! We the people of the USA get to choose the next President.

What an awesome opportunity. It is an opportunity many have died to give us, and an opportunity many around the world do not have.

I hear talk in the media of what an ugly and divisive election this is. I suppose it's all a matter of perspective....

When I voted today it was without fear. I cast my vote without fear of repercussion or threat of harm to me or my family. There are many around the world who can not say the same.

I can turn on my TV or radio or read on the internet opinions from the left the right the middle. People are free to express their views. People are free to express displeasure with their government. Many around the world don't have that chance, and if they dare they can be harmed or even killed.

If citizens choose to demonstrate after the election they can do so without fear of being gunned down or imprisoned without due course. Many around the world can't.

Today we will witness history being made. We will either have the first black man in the Executive branch of government or the first woman. This is something our grandparents couldn't have even fathomed.

Today is a great day in America!

Oh and as if you needed another reason to vote you can get free food a Chik Fil-A, Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, Ben and Jerry's by telling them you voted.

I love America!

Have a blessed day!


darci said...

what a great post, Renee! America, land that I love! :)

Robin's Reports said...

No way!!! I didn't know that you could get free food. *Somebody* didn't forward any emails on to me. LOL

We were in & out of our polls in 5-10 minutes. By 9am, about 70% of our precinct had voted. Maybe early voting also helped in our community.

There was 1 lone deputy sheriff outside the door. No intimidation here either.

Grace* said...

Thanks for your post it is really encouraging~ I got the free coffee but i missed the Chik Fil-A part. :0)

Joy said...

May God's will be done in whoever is elected!

Laurel said...

Love the post ... but still very sad tonight. Not scared ... just sad.

I would have loved to see Sarah as Vice President. I like her a lot better than I like McCain.



Luke said...

Well said! (Came over from Mary Grace's blog)


Rebeckah said...

This was such a beautiful post! My sentiments exactly! God bless~!