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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Psalm 118:24~

This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24~

Today was our first outing together as a family of 14 since the Little Fella arrived..

Can I just say...I just love his little face. How is it I have only seen it for 10 days. It feels like it has been burned on my heart forever.

He is such a relaxed and laid back little guy but his little brows are always knit together like he is in deep thought. I think he is solving the financial crisis..
So, we headed out for pizza..

And then to "The Wal-Mart"~

Hmm.. What could have captured the boys attention here...

Video Games? CD's? DVD's? Tools? B.B. Guns?
This looks important..
You can see they are REALLY focused here..
On which sparkle shoes would best suit Sweet Pea!!!!! They crack me up. This Girl has each of the males wrapped tightly around her little fingers.

We always get a lot of looks and some interesting questions..

Just today we were asked..

If we were an organization..
Which ones were really ours..
If we really liked children..
Why we don't have a reality show..

There were a few others I can't think of now..People are generally very sweet and sincere,

We had a lot of fun..and a lot of laughs.

This afternoon Uncle Tony and Miss Alexis joined us and our crazy gang for the weekend..

Truly a blessed day! :o)


Hope said...

You are a brave woman! I just love Emma Rose :) What fun I will have going shopping with her one day!

I love you,
Hope :)

(I can't believe I'm the first to comment, I feel special)

Janet said...

LOL! I am laughing at the comments that were made to you...we get those and we only have a family of EIGHT! LOL! I also loved the shoe pictures. I could TOTALLY see my boys picking out which shoes Belle or Jeane would like....too funny!

jody said...

first of all...beautiful family.
second...there is no way you look like that and just gave birth to a baby :-)
third...the most love and respect for you and your family.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Robin's Reports said...

I'm smiling ear to ear over your post. Not sure if it is the fact that you're in WM (not Target) or those funny questions or that Sweet Pea has your love of shoes.

So, the question is, what exactly did you say to folks? Was Jim a prankster?

You need a reality show. Really. To show the love of Christ and how children are a blessing NOT A BURDEN!!

Anonymous said...

Renee, Love reading your postings - and do agree with your Mom that Little Fella' is truly precious!!! Your family is an inspiration to everyone~~you're in my prayers daily....and please know that I am in awe of your fantastic faith in God...Aunt Mickey

Pam said...

What a fun outing! I can just imagine the looks and comments you get. :-) Your little fella *is* precious, and if he can solve the financial crisis while looking so precious, more power to him!! I tried to email you through the comment you left on my blog, did you get it? Not sure if blogger works that way. Anyway, I will be posting more about SPD in the near future. Love you and your beautiful God-given family!

Grateful for Grace said...

That is soooo NOT Sweet Pea!! No way! Wow. She's so big.

I bet you do get lots of looks and questions. I also bet that you handle them beautifully.

I hadn't posted yet, but I just want to say that is really does sound like you have a cool mom. What a gift that is. Hug her for me.

Also, I LOVE the story of how your cousin adopted your boys' siblings. Wowza. We serve such a loving God.

many hugs to you,

darci said...

your little fellow is perfect!! love all the pics, and you look AMAZING!

danellejoy said...

This is all so amazing! You are truly blessed! The pictures and what you said of your son holding your littla fella made me cry! WE do have an amazing Creator!
PS. We've got a 13 year old dd...could we please set something up?!!? ;-) I mean not tomorrow or anything, but you know, 10 years or so? =) just joking...I think. =)

Joy said...

Looks like y'al had a great time! Everyone is gtting so big and looks so great!!

hope to see you soon!

Sophie said...

Love it!

The Brothers said...

Wow - you look great! Especially for having just popped out your beautiful littlest! What an adorable family!