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Friday, April 24, 2009

Psalm 133:1~


How good and pleasant it is
when brothers live together in unity! Pslam 133:1~

"Distance doesn't determine who is your brother and who is not."


Shonni said...

beautiful to see, as mothers isn't it!

God, My Savior Forever! said...

Precious! Great example of how Christians should treat each other...like brothers and sisters! Yu have a beautiful family and huge hearts:D


Joy said...

I think that it is so awesome how seriously they take their tkd! I love watching them work together!

Robin's Reports said...

Nice work boys!!!

I love these pictures & the ones at the pool. We're getting in our pool but it is still so cold. They don't stay in for long.

Jenny said...

this video brought back memories of cody practicing his form when he took karate! He had a friend over saturday who jumped in the pool, but he didn't stay in very long, the water temp is only 60 =~(
love u lots

Christine said...

They did that routine great! I remember doing something similar in a class I took with my boys a few years ago.