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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Questions for You..

Sweet Pea was so sweet the other day lotioning her baby with pretend lotion. She has watched me lotion up our African Boys in the morning, and I thought it was too cute she was doing the same to her baby.

If you have children who are African/ African American/ Hatian, etc who need daily moisturizer for their hair and skin what products are your favorites? What is your hair care/ skin care routine like with them?

We keep coming back to Eucerin for our sons' skin and we are still looking for a favorite hair product (that is affordable for 5 heads of hair). I would love to hear what others use and do.

Thanks for sharing!


Joy said...

she is so sweet! mama is trying to find stuff too! it is so ecxiting!!!!

Salzwedel Family said...

I hope you get some good responses. I was just thinking about posting this same kind of question.

Laurel said...

We use raw shea butter for their skin. We brought a bag back from Ghana a year ago, and it lasted about 6 months. When we were about out, we found another mom headed to Ghana and asked her to get a bag for us.

I know there are places on the internet that you can order shea butter from. It works GREAT for our kids.

mama of 13

Beckie Sibley said...

We had a real problem with dryness when our Sierra Leonean children came home especially since we lived in the high desert of Central Oregon notorious for its low humidity.

Actually for hair, our children use good shampoo and conditioner weekly. We go through lots and LOTS of lotion for their skin although not nearly as much since we moved to Zambia. The children use a medium priced lotion, various brands. It seems to work fine.

You look absolutely terrific Renee!

Blessings dear one...

James 1:27 Family said...

We use coconut oil. It goes on greasy but soaks in really fast. You can find it in most health food stores or the regular olive-oil-type aisle at some grocery stores. You only need a small amount so the jars last longer than it would seem. We use the oil for both skin and hair.


Amy in Atlanta

abby said...

I like Aquafor (or however you spell it) but I only use that right after bath time since it's expensive. Eucerine is also what we use on a daily basis. I have a friend who loves just using straight up coconut oil and when our tub of Eucerine runs out, we're trying that next.

I'm hoping someone can recommed hair products because I have not found one that I like for his hair.

Becky said...

We use Cetaphil Lotion. It's the best...fragrance free and you can get it at Costco for a good price. I also love Burt's Bees Oil. Sometimes if the skin is really dry I mix the lotion and a wee bit of oil together. Also, if I put lotion on my hands first then the oil won't go to waste soaking into my skin.
I use Carol's Daughter (pricey BUT I've had one bottle for 3 years!) mint shampoo for Sean's hair (coarse and dry) but only a tiny amount and only about 2 times a week. I put conditioner on every day (various brands)and leave it sit before rinsing. As soon as he gets out of the tub I put a smidge of oil on his hair and lotion all over his body and face. On days he doesn't bathe I do the same thing before he gets dressed. I wipe his face with a warm wash cloth first. The warm water helps the moisture sink in. Our little girl has very loose curls and not as dry of skin so I do the Cepaphil and hair care the same but she doens't need the oil on her hair....just pretty clips:)
And...if you have someone with really dry skin..we have one son with eczema...I put a bit of olive oil into his tub water and onto his red dry patches. It gets slippery so be careful but does wonders on the skin.

Shonni said...

I had the chance just a few weeks ago to talk to an African woman in our church and I ask her some of these questions...I have tried SO MANY things...her suggestions were very simple and so far, I am loving them. She mixes Shea butter with coconut oil for skin and hair...use daily...I use them at night. And she uses a product called Mixed Chicks- http://mixedchicks.org/. It's a shampoo, rinse conditioner, and leave in conditioner.
It is natural and I LOVE it! Sweet and simple...I like that also.

Mary and Doug said...

I second the Cetaphil - only the thicker cream that is in a plastic jar. We use it on the boys after bath time only and it lasts until their next bath - no "ashy" skin! We use tea tree oil (found at CVS, Wal-mart) on their hair. It is a good conditioner for dry scalps and has anti-fungal properties as well. I'm researching hair care for girls now as we hope to bring home our 8 year old girl from Ethiopia in 6 weeks - along with another boy! I need stock in Cetaphil!

Thanks for this post!

MP said...

My husband and my son use Vaseline and Jergens mixed. A dab of vaseline in the hand and then a few squirts of Jergens, mix and rub onto skin. That is the hubbys favorite. Works well and is some of the cheaper products. As for hair products...my husband uses a razor and shaving cream! :-)

The Three B's and Me! said...

I have two African American children who I love to use Cetaphil on...Walgreens has the same cream only in a generic form which is much cheaper than the WalMart price of Cetaphil. For hair I like Oil Sheen Hair grease (hunter green colored in a clear bottle with a white top) and Oil Sheen spray. They keep the oil and shine in all day long. On my hair I also like to use Jam conditioning which really keeps the hair moisturized...I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. (If you get Jam don't get the only that "controls" it makes the hair very sticky and doesn't style well)

Gretchen said...

Hey Renee, I do not have any children from Africa (as of yet), but I wanted to chime in on the coconut oil. This is great for skin (and hair). My husband is completely convinced. He is a mechanic/farmer and uses it all the time for his dry, cut up hands.

A great place to buy it in bulk and unrefined for the least amount of money I have found is www.mountainroseherbs.com. I buy the gallon tub of it and use it for cooking, dry skin, and hair treatments.

It is kind of greasy, but does absorb well.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hello Renee- I have been following your blog for a long time! We have 2 Ethiopia blessings that we brought home 2 years ago! We have gone through alot of products that diden't work so I know where you are coming from. I use on them S Factor which is great and does such a nice job! We was 2 times with shampoo and we put the conditioner in after show and our little girls hair is so beautiful!! If you know someone that is a hair dresser and they have a license you can get the big gallon size bottles for $35.00each and it may last you for 1 year! Now for the skin we use oyinhandmade.com which can be expensive but a little goes a long way! Our Son and Daughter skin looks shiney and smooth everyday and we use it once every other day. If you would like to call me or email me that great to!
Tammi Hagner

ps your family is so beautiful and I love reading all your uplifting scripture everyday! God gives us such amazing blessing every minute of everyday! We do you all live? We live in Albany, Oregon

Janet said...

We have used organic Shea butter, which seems to work well, as well as pure almond oil on their hair and skin. I don't know...I am still kind of searching. I also use Blended Cutie products from Shuruba.com.

I have really enjoyed reading these comments and plan to look some of these products up!!!!

Mary and Doug said...

I just read through the rest of the comments and wanted to add that I recently tried the Walgreen's generic Cetaphil and found it to be pretty good - but not as good as the real deal. I'm going to watch closely for sales so I can continue to afford the real stuff. You may want to give the generic a try though - it is quite a bit less expensive, but once you have tried the true Cetaphil you will notice a difference.

Anonymous said...

I love the carol's daughter hair products for my daughter's hair. but I don't think I would use it for my son's.It works wonderfully but is pricey and boy's hair is much easier to manage than girl's! We get Melaleuca products and I really like their lotion if you can order it from someone that is a member. It's called Renew. I too have been following your blog for sometime. We have 3 african american children. I am just amazed at you and your family. You are such a blessing to me to read about. I wish I could be as patient of a mom as you seem! God Bless!

Ginger said...

I've tried a lot of different things and what I've found that is natural (high on my importance list), works well, and is a lot more economical than Carol's Daughter (I still use & like some of these products) is Taliah Waajid's Protective Mist Bodifier (http://www.naturalhair.org/protectivemistbodifier32oz.aspx). You can get a 32oz jug of it for $20 and you dilute it with water & put it in a spray bottle so it really lasts. First I wet our son's hair, then spray this on, then top it off with Herbal Strengthener (from the same line: http://www.naturalhair.org/herbalstrengthener6oz.aspx) or Mimosa Hair Honey from Carol's Daughter. If we kept our son's hair a little shorter, we could probably get away with using the spray only. I will mention though that I also had good results with simple e.v. olive oil & water mixture in a spray bottle (you can add an essential oil for some nice scent). For skin, I'm getting ready to try Body Buttah (http://www.snapaholics.com/haircare.html) which has been raved about...but I've also been thinking about mixing up some of my own using raw shea & cocoa butters & some essential oils.

maureen said...

I have 2 daughters that are AA and we have used many different products over the years. For the skin I started out with Shea Butter based products and also used coconut oil for a time. But my oldest daughter is 9 and in the 3rd garde and she confided that some of the children made comments about her smelling like chocolate when she was in the first grade. We laugh about it now, but it made her very uncomfortable so we switched her to some unscented Aveeno and she likes it. She has the most trouble keeping her knees and elbows from getting ashy, so she keeps a small container of it in her backpack. She also uses an oil from Arbonne that really works well on those same areas. (I miss her chocolate smell, I loved that!)
I am sure haircare is different for boys then it is for girls, since my girls have long hair that we keep in braids, I do not wash it more than once every two weeks. We change shampoo every six months, just like with most caucasian hair, right now we are using Just For Me's new HairMilk. My daughters love the Milk and Honey smell right after we put it in, but it is subtle and doesn't smell a lot the next day. I also keep a spray bottle with a mix of 1/2 conditioner and 1/2 water in my downstairs bathroom so I can spritz their hair every morning before they go to school. Even if I don't have time to re-braid the hair, this keeps their scalps from getting too dry and itchy. I also take the spray bottle with me to the pool and spritz their hair before they go into the water and after they dry off. The chlorine is so rough on their fragile hair.
Blessings to you.

Kristin Jag said...

I started to reply on this awhile ago and the message was getting too long, so I decided to just go ahead and write a blog post on it. Not that interesting, but just what we use...it was fun to read all the comments on this thread to try out some new products.

Elizabeth said...

We have tried several things with our African American twins, but my favorite so far is olive oil. I put about a cap full in the bathtub, and because they like to dive underwater,
it moisturizes their hair as well. It does leave a film in the tub, but it's cheap, fragrance and chemical free, and time-saving. Their skin has a beautiful glow after we towel them dry. On days that they shower, we use Nadinola cocoa butter cream for their skin and Optimum Oil Therapy for their hair (both found on the ethnic care isle at Walmart). By the way, the twins are boys and, for now, their hair is in a short buzz cut.

Thatgirliknew said...

My son has an AA son and daughter and she uses Pink Oil on their hair. I don't know how cheap it is but she swears by it. You can get it at Walmart.