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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I'm putting him in the freezer..

This evening as our 5 year old son was getting ready for bed he says to me..

"Mama, you sure are pretty. And smart. You are smart too. Do you know EVERYTHING?"

Sigh..pure sweetness..

Not even an hour later 8 year old son picks up a bottle of my make-up and says, "I know why you wear this stuff. It's because you want to look like those people on TV. It doesn't really work though."

Sigh..pure honesty..

Finally hubby Jim comes in the door and says, "Whoa..what's up with you? You look like a disheveled housewife?" (I had just realized I accidentally used salt in place of sugar in the 4 coffee cakes I had just made. Appparently I was looking as frazzled as I felt)


I'm putting the 5 year old in the freezer lest he grow up :o)



Anonymous said...

If James Anthony keeps making disparaging remarks, he stands a very good chance of being pushed in the pool!! Tee Hee!! Love, Mom :~)

TexasHeather said...

Too funny! If you have any luck with the freezer method, let me know : )

darci said...

oh my word! funny funny funny~ I'd stick with believing the five year old!! too sweet. ;) anyway, who wants to look like the chicks on tv, right?
(when I was enormously preggers with ezri, sammy was almost 5 at the time-it must be that age-but i had just gotten out of the shower and was getting dressed and she gazed up at me adoringly and said, 'oh mommy...i just love your whole big self'..)teehee.

Joy ayoungoldlady said...

That is too funny! Just last night I burnt 24 muffins. :(

Love and miss y'all!

Janet said...

LOL! One time I was facing the other direction and my son looked at me and said, WOW, MOM! You have a BIG BUM!" They keep us humble, they do.

Darell and Noel said...

Too funny! You gotta love little five year old encouragement. :)

Love you!
Noel :)

Grateful for Grace said...

OOOoooh, hug your five year old for all us moms! If the freezer method works, please get back to me. I have a couple I'd like to freeze. ;-)

Also, I once made peanut butter cookies, but did what you did, did the salt when I should have done the sugar. I tried quadrupling the recipe, but there was no saving the cookies. They were really, really pretty, but tasted awful. It was when I was in school and tried to get away with reading a cookbook for a book report. Turns out God had a great lesson for me! Humility. When I had to bring those terrible cookies to class.

Joy ayoungoldlady said...

Hey Aunt Renee! I here recently dd a post that I would love for you to read and here your response on if you have time (it's kinda long).

Love and miss you!

Debbie B said...

So funny and sweet! I'd put him in the freezer, too!!

Baby Blessings said...

Oh, that was funny! My two (three this weekend!) year old little boy keeps asking me, "Are you fat mommy?" (I am almost 9 months pregnant!) They are very honest! :>)

Robin's Reports said...

My 10 yr old rubbed my stomach and told me I needed to lose that belly before I went on vacation. God love him. Sigh... as if the scale wasn't mean enough.

Oh, btw, I once put salt in place of sugar when I made a chocolate chip cookie (monster size). I was really young when I did it and haven't done it since!

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Why can't they stay five?! You could always consider writing a book for their wedding days titled "Things NOT to say to your wife!"