"We are all handmade people created by a God who is not safe or small." Rend Collective Experiment

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Philippians 3:14~

Today we attended the funeral of a wonderful man who was an integral part of our church family. Brother Neil passed away very suddenly Tuesday Morning. When we received word Tuesday morning we were in shock. We had just seen him Sunday evening and it was just so unexpected.

We know that he is now with Jesus yet our hearts break for his sweet wife and family. His Homegoing service today was amazing. The church was filled with people whose lives were touched by him. We then listened as one by one people stood up to share how Brother Neil had mentored them or taught them or had spoken truth and encouragement into their lives. An incredibly poignant moment was when Brother Neil's grandson spoke about his Grandfather had invested in his life and how he loved and worshipped Jesus because of all his Grandfather had taught him.

There has been a lot of talk this summer in the media as famous people have passed on about "Legacy". The world would have us believe that our legacy is something tangible..a song, a dance, a piece of legislation, etc. Today as I sat there I thought about what a real legacy is and that is passing on your faith and investing yourself in the lives of the people God has placed into your life. It's not something that exalts man but exalts Jesus. I doubt Brother Neil ever considered that he was leaving a legacy. He was just a man who let Jesus be the Lord of His life and let Jesus work through him. One of the last things he ever did on this earth was to speak with 3 men whom he was discipling. He was busy. He was investing. He was encouraging and he was exhorting.

I am so challenged and inspired by all the God brought to light today. God has placed people in all of our lives for a reason. Our children, our friends, the people who live near us, the clerk at the store are all brought into our lives for a reson. Perhaps it is just for us to give someone a kind word as they struggle going about their day. Perhaps it is to share God's truth with them. Perhaps it is just to walk beside them.

Every day we have a chance to invest in things of eternal value and not temporal. I pray that I will be found faithful doing just that."I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus " -- Philippians 3:14


Jon (dh) said...

Thank you for that, Renee---Rachel

Joy ayoungoldlady said...

Sounds like an amazing man. His family will be in my prayers!

Robin's Reports said...

Is this Glenda's husband? or did you lose 2 friends this week? Either way, I am so very sorry for you & for his family. While we share in the hope in heaven, we still grieve tremendously for our loved ones. But, Neil gave you all some beautiful memories to smile about through those tears. Thank you for putting "legacy" into perspective.

Love YOU and giving many hugs via the internet.

darci said...

so sorry for your loss and that of your church family. this, leaving a legacy, has been on my mind lately..and 'soli deo gloria'..to "God alone the glory." I have been reading the bio of Casper Ten Boom, and what a man of God, who inspired so many. In his 80's sitting in a prison, with ALL of his children with him, I just thought how proud God must have been at that moment, you know?

Deborah said...

Thank you for this encouraging post.