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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Night ~

Tuesday Nights after TKD we watch the Biggest Loser and make our granola for the week..I am not sure if our granola is Bob and Jillian approved, but the kiddies sure love it.  They eat it with almond milk most every morning.

Does anyone else watch this show?  I find it oddly addicting..

I have helpers.. I couldn't do it without them ;o)

AND I Quality Control.  His"job" is to make sure tastes as it should..

And he watches for cooking violations.  The Littles haven't yet grasped the concept that you don't lick the spoon while cooking.

Fun and Blessed Times!


Shay said...

How fun!!!!!

rbrum said...

I'd love the recipe!

Laurel said...

Hi friend!

It looks YUMMY! Are you going to give us a recipe? We love our homemade granola, too.

LOVE the new pic at the top of your blog.


mama of 13

Jennifer said...

will you post your recipe?

everyone looks great!

:) Jennifer

Robin's Reports said...

Double blogging!! I thought I just checked on here and nothing. Now two at once, yipee!!
Do post up the recipe please! I've often wondered how to do this because I buy it by the caseload at BJ's.

Love the new picture at the top too. Is it Christmas card worth?

You'll have to tell me more about your Romantic getaway. Also, send me copies of your photos of my visit. I don't have any.

Prayers & much love,
Auntie R

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

We watched biggest loser. We love our home made granola... not both at once. YOU are super woman! Ü

Angela said...

Yes, please please post the granola recipe! We love Biggest Loser too. Are watching it now in fact; we tivo it so we can skip all the commercials and ads :-)

Happy week! I love the new photo!

Becky said...

I love Biggest Loser! I put the kids to bed and sit in my bed eating dark chocolate...shhhh...don't tell Bob and Jillian;)
PS Love your family!

carol said...

fun family