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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Black, White, Tan...

The other day we were at the pool. The water was cc--oooldd- and Joel (like his Mama) is not a fan of the cold water so soon he was snuggled up with me in a towel trying to warm up. The other children find the fun of swimming to outweigh the chilliness of the water but I do have them come out for some warming when their teeth start chattering.

Joel asked me about the people laying out in the sun..

Joel: "Mama, are those people trying to get their Vitamin D from the sun?"

Me: Giggling.. "Well, maybe a little but really they are just trying to get tan."

Joel: "Tan?"

Me: "They want their skin darker.."

Joel: "Mama, you are not serious..Are you serious?"

Me: "Yes, I'm serious."

Joel: Pulls up the sleeve of my shirt to look at my farmer's tan.."You mean like this?" pointing to the darker shade of my skin..

Me: "Yes, like that.."

Joel: "You don't want to be darker..do you Mama?"

Me: "Well..yes I would like to be darker."

Joel: "Not me, I don't want to be darker I want to be lighter.."

Me: "Well, I want to be darker like you.."

Joel: "Well, I want to be lighter like you.."

We smile at each other..

Me: "Maybe we should both be thankful for the colors God made us.."

Joel: "Yes, we will be thankful because He knows best."

And her soul gives a smile
'Cause she understands
That love is black,white,tan
Yeah black,white,tan
Everyone is precious in the Father's sight
It don't matter red,or yellow,black or white
He just loves you 'cause he loves you
And I tell you this is true
You are not a color and the color is not you

Nicole C. Mullen~


Lisa H. said...

Hi, Renee!

I've been a blog reader for quite some time and may have posted a time or two. I read your comments on Jen's blog today and really appreciated your comments...They were pertinent to a discussion we've been having at Laura's blog....


I'd love to have you check it out and to hear you address how you balance boundaries and limits with grace and love with your sons....I'm struggling with this!

Blessings to you!

Lisa H.

We Are Family said...

I love that. I had a similar conversation when I was in Africa with our daughter. I also LOVE that song!

:)De said...

Cute conversation.


natali said...

I love this post! :)) Very smart little guy you have there!

Shonni said...

That is soooo cute!

jwcreath@gmail.com said...

sweet! kind of like the straight/curly hair thing!

Leah-Joy said...

That is so awesome! When Sweet Pea and J man first came home they would say that they were white! God is so amazing!

In His Dust said...

We JUST had this conversation!=)

Grateful for Grace said...

Oh, Renee.
What a treasured moment. Thank your for sharing it with us!

Cari said...

what a sweet conversation and great opportunity for a learning moment. I love Nicole C. Mullen's songs, too!

Janet said...

Yes, exactly! Jeane just noticed today that I am white. :-)

Robin's Reports said...

Don't make me go there today with the tears.

Tell Joel that I want to be darker too but instead, I end up red & spotted. (freckles) If I were a horse, I'd be a red roan. (something to google today!)

Auntie R

Jenny said...

Too precious! If only we could all learn this lesson.

Mary Ann said...

This is precious!