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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Random Thoughts~

It has been way too long! This post is full of meaningless and random updates..and a few random pictures.

~We are so excited that summertime is here. It is always so fun to complete our homeschooling books. The end of the year is always so busy. So many end of the year things to do. Fun, fun times :o)

~The beginning of summer always leads me to look around and see that things that slide during the school year. This homeschooling is a messy business. In all the years of homeschooling I have never been to a seminar that taught how to.. "Keep your closets clean and homeschool your tots through teens ". If you have the answer to this.. please share!

-Speaking of closets..I have made the downstairs office closet into a "Family Closet" for the under 7 crowd. This has seriously made me so happy (How sad is that?). Everyone (except the Little Fella) can dress themselves, but in doing so they often toss clean clothes into the hamper and dirty clothes into their drawers. I now have complete control (mu-ah-ah-ah..)

-Speaking of my complete control..My family took me on a surprise vacation. Jim and the kids packed the van with all of their things..and mine.. without me even knowing and took me away for a few days. Obviously, I am not as much in control as I think. It was a wonderful surprise.

-The kiddies are all growing up so fast. I don't know what it is about summer that makes you really look at them and think how fast time goes. This past weekend was Graduation Sunday at our church. It was so unbelievable that it will be our son in two short years making that walk across the stage. Time goes by so fast and it is such a gift each and every day to have time with our children.

Have Y'all started Summer Vacation yet? I hope your days have been blessed!


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

No summer vacation here, yet. No summer weather, either. Sad.

Love your update ... fun to hear the random stuff and see the pics. Oh my, your big boy has grown this year.

Great family closet idea!

I used to teach a workshop at homeschool conventions called, "Teaching Toddlers & Teenagers & all the In-Between-Agers". It was a fun workshop, but I don't remember if we talked about how to keep our closets clean. :)

Hope your summer is BLESSED!!!

Laurel :)

Deborah said...

guess why there is NO seminar on how to keep your closets clean and homeschool 12 children from birth through high school...hee-hee

Your love for the Lord and His love flowing out of you is the answer for how to live.

I love you!

Robin's Reports said...

My sister did closets today too. I only got a sunburn while talking on the phone. ha ha. (We forgot to talk about your vacation.)

Love the new top pic, as well as the others.

Life is so random and we have no control. :o)
Btw, I set up blogs all week for you tonight.
Love ya Sista!

Grateful for Grace said...

Wow! A surprise trip! How wonderful.

summer fun is here for sure!

Kimmie said...

a surprise vacation Renee...yeah! Where did they take you to??

Enjoy summer, closets and all!

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Paula said...

Wow! I haven't been on your blog for awhile. The kids are all growing so much! Your family is lovely and I always enjoy reading about your adventures.

Debbie B said...

Too sweet!! What a wonderful surprise! I can't imagine what my guys would pack for me..... ....
In fact, the thought is sort a scary!! Bawaaa!!

Debbie (Deborah's friend)