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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Here are some answers to questions I have had. I hope Y'all are having a BLESSED day!

Jennifer asked-
Were your older children as adventurous as your little ones? I'm enjoying the photos of them in action.

Our older children were just as adventuresome. Our eldest Nick, broke the mold on adventuresome, and they all have followed suit. Noah is our most cautious child. There for a while he would "Die Factor" everything wanting to know if he could die from any activity..even truly harmless things. He seems to have outgrown that, and is now a jumping, climbing, skateboarding boy just like the rest of the children.

Grateful for Grace
Q: why do you have to have a blood test?

China has a very specific medical exam form for adoptive parents. They require adoptive parents to be tested for HIV, Hep B, and want info on blood counts and liver enzyme levels.

Grateful for Grace
Are you kidding? I thought I remembered you saying your boys know how to get every ounce of meat off a chicken bone.

YES! Eben and Joel would actually eat the bones themselves when they came home. It's very common in West Africa. In their early days home meat=security to them and they were so tiny and needed to grow, so we let them eat meat as they willed (even though we had eaten vegetarian for years). We never thought they would give up their meat, but last May they decided to go veggie and haven't looked back.

(Joel enjoying a lettuce wrap from a knock off PF Chang's recipe)

Kathy C asked
Is it hard for him being on a different diet than the others?

It is a little bit. We have been able to find GF/CF treats for him for specail occasions, and he is a very adventuresome eater. Our son Eben (Our wonderful son who loves to cook) has come up with some really good recipes using rice flour and that has really helped.

Anna said-
We also have one son who has been on this diet about 6 weeks too! Do you tend to cook 2 meals or same for everyone? We're trying to find a balance...

We tend to cook related meals. If we are having pizza he will have a veggie filled pizza with no cheese on a rice flour crust. If we are having beans and rice he will have avocados instead of cheeses. We have found rice pasta to use in pasta dishes, and potatoes are a favorite of his.

How is your son doing? We have seen some really positive benefits.

Anonymous asked
What do you think about adopting boys older than young pre-verbal girls already in the home? I have been told it is too risky, but I wondered what you thought, would you mind sharing?

It is something that must be taken very seriously with young children of both sexes and all ages. Prayer and counsel from your Social Worker and Adoption Agency are very crucial as well as some precautions. There was a great discussion on this topic here It is best to be fully aware and well read on all scenarios.

Laurel said
-Wow! Your big kids really are runners. That's awesome. My kids all love to run, but I don't know how and when to get them started doing 5k's. Would love some tips. :)

Two years ago we did the Couch to 5K plan together. Now we like to follow Hal Higdon's Training Plans. We have a lot of fun running together. Our older 7 have all done 5K's and Hailey and Joel did an 8K with me in February. Last week Eben ran 7 miles "with me" and beat me soundly by a good 7 minutes. He said he wasn't even really that winded. I love running with our kids. They are so much fun and encourage their old Mama so much to do more than I think I can.


Anonymous said...

After 7.5 years home, I noticed last night that not only does Ansu no longer eat the bones, he doesn't feel compelled to pick them clean either. I had to give a bone to the dog last night, something that never would have happened for years after he came home.

It's nice to see them heal and trust that food WILL be there for them.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for answering those questions, Rene. I love the new photos in the sidebar!

We had the eating bones thing here for a while, as well as citrus peel, apple cores, etc.

Anna said...

Hi Renee!
The changes we're seeing in our son are amazing! We feel like we have a whole new little guy. He's so much happier and much more balanced, not near as reactive to situations. He's 4 1/2, by the way. We found about about his diet needs 5 days before we got a foster/adopt placement of 4 and 2 y.o. boys. We also have a 2 y.o. daughter. Life has been interesting, to say the least! I'd love to email with you if you have a chance! :) Your family is such an inspiration to ours!

Kimberly said...

Hey Renee! Daiya cheese is absolutely awesome GFCF cheese! Our little guy had his first pizza in a year and a half with this cheese 2 months ago! So missed his pizza. They sell it only at Whole Foods. Mozzarella and cheddar. It really looks and tastes like real cheese.
He's doing great on the diet, as well. It has been a long learning road! So glad someone told me about the cheese though...thought I'd pass on the favor.