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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Donny and Marie 2.0

The other night Noah and Em were jamming on the Karaoke Machine..while standing on the coffee table. Our 15 year old daughter walked in the room and stood there in shock.."Mama. You are letting them dance on the table? And you are taking pictures? You never would have let Nick and I do this."

We looked at each other and cracked up. Because seriously, I wouldn't have.

I like to think parenting children spanning a range of 16 years has given me a better perspective of what really matters, but maybe the inmates are running the asylum..Who knows? I do know these two crack me up.

She's a little bit country..

And he's a little bit rock and roll.

A good performer always leaves the stage with flair.

I really think this is how Donny and Marie got their start...or maybe not.


Claire said...

These are honestly two of the cutest (and happiest!) kids I have ever seen. I love all the pics you post of them.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

We've gotten that type of comment from the big kids, as well. (our 12 kids span 18 years)

While our parenting has changed a bit, our big kids also have an unrealistic perspective about what perfect little children they were. They look at our littles and say, "We never fought like that." Yea. Right.

:) :) :)

Heather said...

Oh Miss Renee, I love you! Just the title of your post brought a LOL and the table dancing? Oh my! It is funny how much more laid back parents get the longer they parent! Love it!

Dinn Family said...

Absolutely love the comment that the inmates are running the asylum!!! Only usually I'm right there with them, doing something I never thought I'd do... and then dear hubby walks in and is not sure if he should laugh or cry :)

Robin's Reports said...

I think Donny & Marie were the babies of the family, too.

I think it is better when the inmates run the place. It just feels right. ;o)

Deborah said...

You go, girl!! My older ones have said the same thing to me, and I always pictured you as being the Mom that held the standard high to the end...what a relief!! Maybe our older kids can start a support group for older kids with parents that are, well, inconsistent???


Deborah said...
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Serving the King said...

The inmates run the asylum! Ha! You crack me up! Perspective is such a great thing and I agree, it is definitely something to be gained over the years.