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Monday, June 13, 2011

Once I became a parent I quickly realized how amazing my parents truly are.

Now teaching our eldest to drive I am realizing my parents are not only amazing, but are rock stars. I was a horrible driving student.. They were sssooo patient. My Mom spending long hours out in the cold acting like a pole so I could learn to parallel park. My Dad calmly sipping coffee and coaching gently (Except that one time I made at right turn at 45 mph without breaking. HA!) He would also say Terra Firma at the end of each lesson and kiss the ground. :o)

Our eldest son is really a good student and an aware driver. Still I find myself clutching the dashboard and sing songing the phrase "You are a little too far to the right.." repeatedly. And praying. A lot.

He is doing most of his driving on Clifford the 15 passenger van. My parents had big station wagons and said if we could learn to drive them we could drive anything. Little did they know one day my "ride" would be so big.

Thanks Mom and Dad for all you have done.

And please Jesus..take the wheel.


sandwichinwi said...

I am right there with you, sister! Leavin' it to Jesus! I like to think I'm a patient and mellow driving teacher. :D So far, so good!

Sandwich (can't believe I have to do this 4 more times! Can't believe you have to do this 12 more times! LOL)

Mom said...

Oh, Thank You Sweetie!! I remember your very first lesson when I told you R=reverse, D=drive etc and then you asked me where the "G" for Go was! I know then that we were in for an adventure! And don't worry, I won't tell Nick about how you got a speeding ticket while going to get a diet coke on Father's Day while we were outta' town. Your secret is safe with me ~tee hee!!!

Deborah said...

oh this post made me laugh...
Thank you for all your encouragement on my posts lately...blogging is so hard to do sometimes, but it sure helps me feel in touch with other Moms when there is time to connect with ciber space. I love seeing all the growth and accomplishments of your children through your blog. Your new look is really a great one. The picture of Samuel is priceless. I love you so much, and sometimes reading your blog is like a quick visit...sigh. Why are our home towns soooo far apart?
I love you dearly,

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Oh my! We teach our kids on smaller cars. Only 2 of our 6 young adult drivers have ever been behind the wheel of our 15 pass. van. You are BRAVE.

I learned how to drive in a station wagon, but that really is quite different than a 15 pass. van. Did you know that many organizations that have 15 pass. vans require their drivers to have a bus drivers' license? Did you know that public schools aren't allowed to have 15 pass. vans because of the high rollover rate?

I am NOT trying to freak you out or anything, but I would HATE to have anything happen with such a young driver driving such a BIG van (full of little people).

Hoping your week is BLESSED!

Laurel :)

Renee said...

Thanks so much for sharing Laurel!!!

We have only done driving with a parent and on backroads (No siblings). We will definitely save the main roads for our smaller Hondas. I really appreciate your input and will share with Jim your thoughts.

We did really research the rollover danger before we purchased. Jim is SO good at monitoring the tire pressure which has been a huge factor in rollovers and seat belts are mandatory at all times. We were surprised to learn upwards of 90% of fatalities were people not buckled. I thing maybe the largeness of the vehicle gives a false sense of security?

You are a blessing!

Kathy C. said...

My husband does the driving thing here. I just can't do it. THe child he is preparing to teach can't walk through the house without running into something--a table, chair, wall, door.... so I am wondering how this is going to go.

Jenny said...

He is sooo handsome!! I remember Levi turning from Hwy 27 onto Sike Story without breaking too! My finger prints are probably still visible on the dash board of that old van. And Lacie asking us which was the brake and which was the gas (she says she was kidding...but after hitting the mailbox then scraping the side of the garage I let Keith finish her lessons). Cody...well...by the third child either I was used to adrenalin rushes (or were they hot-flashes?) or my nerves are just shot. Either way they all learned to drive and having kids on the road does keep me praying :) I pray for angels in front of them and angels behind them for protection. The mental image gives me comfort, like the way God protected the ark of the covenant. Love ya! I will be praying for him too!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Oh so glad I didn't offend you with my comment. Whew!

We used to loan our van out to church groups, young life, etc... But, after reading about the higher than normal rollover rate we decided not to loan it out to anyone not experienced with 15 pass. vans. Instead, I just offer to drive groups if they need a BIG van.

I think that many people (which would not be the situation with your son) just have no idea how different driving such a vehicle is. They are used to their little compact car or mini-van and they hop behind the wheel of these big vans without much respect for what they are driving. I believe that is the cause of the higher than normal rollover rate ... the fact that so many people driving the big vans are driving them for 1 time usage (school group, youth group, sports team, etc...).

Also, you have probably not experienced this yet. When these vans are filled with big people, rather than all of our small ones, they drive MUCH differently. When we had 10 kids, but our oldest was just 15, we drove a group of 9 teen boys across the country. Both my husband and I commented on how differently it drove with a full load of adult-sized people versus all of the little people we were used to.

Glad you will teach him to drive the Hondas when you are out and about on the busier roads. :)

Our older kids have all learned on Grampa's old 1988 Honda Accord. At 23 years old, it has just 125,000 original miles. I think we can keep it around for ALL of our kids to learn on. :)

Hope your week is BLESSED!

Laurel :)

Baby Blessings said...

I think about that all the time; how much my parents did that I didn't appreciate until I was a parent.
My oldest learned how to drive in our 12 passenger van. She borrowed a neighbors Durango for her drivers test because it was "small"! :o)

Mama of 5 said...

Ha! I was a terrible student driver too!! So bad. I shudder to think of driving with my kids. Oh!

Robin's Reports said...

So cool. We're in the Driver's Ed class and begin driving lessons this fall!! I'm scouring around now looking for empty parking lots to train him in. ha ha.

(Love what your Mom said ha ha)

Hope said...

I laughed out loud (ok, I'm still laughing) when I saw the picture of Nick at the pump. I'm sure he was BYEOND thrilled to have his mother taking his picture while he was pumping gas. :) When in the world did someone tell him he could grow up?

Hope :)

Jo said...

Wow. Ansu turned 15 this summer and is old enough to get his learner's permit. However, he flat-out refuses to discuss driving. I have even suggested he take the learner's test, since it's just a written test and then he has it if he changes his mind later. He informed me I could make him an appointment, but he wasn't going to show up for it. So, we wait and give him space.