"We are all handmade people created by a God who is not safe or small." Rend Collective Experiment

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Well, I guess I left with the inmates running the asylum. ;o)

We were off on a wonderful vacation for a few days. It was so much fun.

Take a guess at whose the leader of these guys. HA! Noah is such a trip. He used to be so afraid to swim and this year he is doing flips into the pool.

I was thinking a lot about Samuel and what he likes and dislikes. I can't wait until he comes home and to have him be a part of our family.

We had a really blessed 4th of July too!




I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!


Kathy C. said...

Very nice 4th of July picture of all the kids.

Leah-Joy said...

Haley looks so grown up! I miss y'all! I'm glad that y'all were able to have a little retreat!

Love you and miss you!

Robin's Reports said...

I hope Samuel likes to run & swim. ha ha.

Love you. Praying for his speedy adoption & arrival to your home.