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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Favorite Adoption Books?

My friend Mindy was asking me about my favorite adoption books. I can't get my gmail acct. to open, so I though I'd respond to her and maybe Y'all can share what books really helped you.

I thought "With Eyes Wide Open" was an excellent course.

I also liked Attaching in Adoption by Deborah Gray and

I think Empowered to Connect seems like a really a great resource. I am just discovering it and haven't read through it all, but it seems very worthwhile.

I think it is good to read a lot of books and to be as informed as possible, and while these were not necessarily "easy" reads, they were beneficial to me Toddler Adoption; The Weaver's Craft and Parenting the Hurt Child

I would really love to hear what books you found valuable.


Grateful for Grace said...

Thanks so much, Renee!

I have passed on this information to the young couple and I will be watching for comments.


We Are Family said...

I have also read all of the above (except 1) - I agree with you - GREAT resources.

Johanna said...

Thanks for the book resources! I haven't read a couple of those yet, but I still have time while we continue to wait and wait on China...

Kathy C. said...

I like The Connected Child more than Attachment in Adoption. It's more reader friendly and hopefully the writer is more friendly although I don't know. I interviewed the other author once and she was not the friendliest. But she would probably tell you I was naive and uninformed : )Her book is so clinical.

Johanna O said...

I really love Adoption Nation for helping understand how society sees us, and how prevelent the precense of families like ours are in this country.

For anyone adopting older children, I always recommend Claudia Jewitt Jarrat's Adopting the Older Child.

Delana said...

Here are some of my favorites for adults and children: