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Sunday, October 09, 2011


Katie and Eben have really been wanting to try their hands at a fondant cake.

So, what better thing to do when your ball team is losing BIG time than make a cake paying homage to them.

This is seriously, messy business.

I think it turned out really cute! I was really impressed how they did for their first try. It tasted pretty good too and Katie figured a way to make it all vegan cause she's awesome like that.

A little more sweetness from early this morning. Our babies are growing up so fast!


Robin's Reports said...

You will have to share your vegan recipe (or hints) with me. I don't know if there are good vegan recipe books out there, but I'm always experimenting. Unfortunately, my tofu was a flop yesterday. I'll tell you another day.

Leah-Joy said...

GEAUX Tigers!!!!!

The cake does look awesome even though its a UF cake! GO Katie and Eben!!

Shonni said...

The cake is so cute.
And your morning sweetness is adorable...love the hat. LOL