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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our sweet Sam-Sam has been with us for 4 months now. I don't know what we did without this precious child. He is so funny and kind. He has grown and changed so much over these short months. He is learning English very quickly and is a little smartie. He had never held a writing utensil and can now color in the lines. He amazes us each and every day with his ever growing skills. He is a big Mama's boy who loves fresh fruits and veggies and playing in the sun. We are so blessed to have him in our home and family.
Here Samuel is the morning after we met him.
This was taken the other day. We learned when he really smiles his eyes "disappear". Such a cutie.
He and Em are close friends. He is 6 months older than her and, along with Noah, they are the three musketeers.
"The Little Kid Gang"
He loves TKD or "Hi-Ya!" as he calls it.
Riding the waves with big sister Katie.
He LOVED it.
He is a big fan of water.
My sweet little buddy.


Kathy C. said...

It's nice to hear he's fitting in and growing to be part of the family so well. We haven't gone to the beach yet but it's supposed to be in the low 80s this week so if we don't get the predicted thunderstorms next Saturday, it'll probably be our first beach day, although the water will be cold still.

Shonni said...

He is a cutie!!!!

Shonni said...

He is a cutie!!!!

BETHANY said...

Love this!

stephanie said...

You have such a beautiful family. It's been such a blessing to watch your children grow and love each one as they have been added. Happy to see Samuel doing so well.

Anna said...

What a cutie! He's SO tiny!! So is he 4 or 5?

Robin's Reports said...

Love him! Look at how tan he's gotten since he's outside more. I love the pic where he's on his tippy-toes next to E.R.

Love you guys.

Deborah said...

We love you all and miss you !! Sam is adorable. Thank you for the blessing that you are.